Do You Need to Install Electric Underfloor Heating


If you want to add underfloor heating beneath your floorboards, you can have the job completed by an electrician with heat mat training. The electric underfloor heat mat can be quickly applied under floors that are made of timber, vinyl, or similar materials.

Features of Heat Mats

Heat mats for underfloor heating offer a number of features that are well worth noting. These features include the following:

  • Lower power consumption. These types of mats are ideal for use in well-insulated homes, and lead to reduced electrical costs.
  • Mats can be used in situations where the power supply is limited.
  • An underfloor heat mat system can be used with thermal insulation boards for better energy efficiency.
  • The mats come in a broad range of sizes, which can be configured to ensure an ideal fit.

Affordably Meeting Your Energy Needs

Electricians in Bedford that are trained to install the mats confirm that the mats provide a lower power consumption in well-insulated homes. In fact, an underfloor heating product is often the single source of heat in some new builds.

If you want to add to your home’s comfort and you have your home sufficiently insulated, you may want to consider this type of heating method. Installers note that the heat mat is quick to install. That is because the product can be cut and placed to fit perfectly inside a space. In complex spaces, the cable can be removed from the mat and installed as a loose cable design.

To see if your home can benefit from this heat source, check with your electrical contractor today about this type of heating application.

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