Do You Need to Get Rid of a Major Clog


Drains do not last forever. If you have a broken drain or an obstruction is blocking your water flow, you need to contact a company that has the proper equipment to take care of the problem. Innovations such as closed-circuit television (CCTV) make it possible to clean drains with greater efficiency.

Types of Drainage Services

When selecting a company to take care of a drain and sewer clearance in Lancashire, choose a provider that offers the following services:

  • Summary reports for CCTV-based surveys
  • Surveys for drains
  • Drain inspections
  • Drain tracing
  • Pre-purchase home surveys

In other words, you want the company you select to know everything that there is about drains and sewer pipes. The business should also provide services to both commercial and residential customers. Make sure that the company is experienced in coordinating its services with corporate utilities, local councils, and loss adjusters too.

A CCTV Drain Survey

Today, a CCTV drain survey offers quick and precise results, enabling a drain specialist to obtain a detailed look inside a drain. Using CCTV equipment permits a drain cleaning professional to find out the exact cause for a drain clog.

The CCTV equipment that is used relays images of the drain to a van unit, enabling a specialist to better assess the situation. A full report is recorded that is available on DVD. By using this approach, a property does not have to be disturbed when proceeding with drain cleaning or repair work. Therefore, imaging equipment makes it possible to diagnose and treat a drain blockage without digging up your property.

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