Do You Need Fire Alarms and Emergency Lighting


In many applications, you do not have a choice about the fire alarms or emergency lighting. In many business settings, fire alarms and emergency lighting are actually mandated by the law. The way you set them up could be up to you, though. You should work in conjunction with a good electrician to determine how best to proceed forward with the different things that you need to do to secure your business against intruders and accidents.

Emergency Lighting

Typically, emergency lighting is a bare-bones amount of lighting that will keep your space lit even during power outages. There are two basic ways to set up emergency lighting with the help of experienced electricians in Weymouth. The lighting can be networked to a power source or it can operate on batteries. Those that operate on batteries typically turn on when the rooms in which they are in get dark; they have sensors that measure light levels. There are advantages to this:

  • They turn on automatically.
  • They work when the power is out.
  • They cannot be deactivated from a single place.
  • They cannot malfunction collectively.

Alternately, you could have them networked to a generator. If you have them networked to a generator, you will need a specific kind of generator.

Generator Choices

The generator you need is a specific kind of generator that sits outside of your home or business much the same way as an air conditioning unit. The generator will typically run on natural gas. The generator has a small connection to the circuitry of your business. When it no longer senses electricity flowing, it will turn on and begin providing backup power to your business.

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