Do You Need a System Boiler?


People often confuse a system boiler with a regular boiler. However, the two boilers are different. A system boiler’s design is simpler and therefore preferred over a traditional boiler design. In fact, a system boiler is often recommended over the popular combi-boiler found in many UK residences. If your need for hot water is high, this type of boiler may be right for you.

How Does a System Boiler Work?

If you do not want to pay for another boiler repair in Stafford, you will find that installing a system boiler will prove to be more energy efficient. The system boiler’s design heats and delivers water as follows:

  • Cold water enters the device from the mains supply.
  • A heat exchanger heats the water using energy from gas jets.
  • After the water heats, it travels through a hot water cylinder and is stored until it is needed.

Because the system boiler features a large reservoir, you can use multiple taps or the shower simultaneously and maintain your hot water supply.

Another Benefit of a System Boiler

The system boiler features a sealed design. As a result, it takes advantage of a condensing technology. Exhaust gases recycle the energy that is used to heat the water. As a result, this type of system improves energy efficiency.

Probably the main concern with this type of unit is the utilisation of space. You can house the heating cylinder in an airing cupboard if your house has one of these. You just will not be able to use the space for storage. This type of system is often recommended for homes whose lofts have been converted as header tanks are not needed.



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