Do You Need a Driveway Repair or Installation


One of the quickest ways to add kerb appeal to your home is to have a new driveway installed or have your current driveway resurfaced. That is why it pays to know which company to use for this type of work. Look for a company that offers all types of surfacing services for all types and designs of driveways.


A company that offers surfacing should also be experienced in groundworks. Groundworks includes taking care of drainage, excavations, and kerbs. Companies of this type also work in conjunction with gated communities in making pothole repairs.

Commercial Surfacing

In addition, a surfacing company that features domestic surface installations and repairs should be experienced in commercial surfacing. Use a company with machines that are routinely updated to ensure that dependability is guaranteed. Surfacing companies that offer domestic installations and repairs also should cover commercial pavings for property developers, industrial sites, and local authorities.

Asphalt Surfacing

Surfacing companies often use asphalt, also called bitumen, for residential paths and driveways. Work with a company that can provide this type of surface offering for any size of space, including a private road.

Tarmacadam Pavements

In addition, domestic surface work in Norwich also features tarmacadam installations. This type of driveway, which is called tarmac for short, is a pavement that is made up of layers of crushed aggregates. These aggregates, which are bound with a resin, are pressed into a smooth driveway surface for ease of use and enhanced looks.

SUDS Compliant

If you live in an area that often floods, a tarmac driveway is a good paving choice. The flat and smooth surface of this type of driveway easily wicks away water and is therefore ecologically sound. That is because a tarmacadam driveway is SUDS compliant. SUDS compliance means that surface water is easily removed from a material and flooding is therefore avoided.

Types of Tarmacadam Applications

You can choose from a number of aggregates when you have this type of pavement installed. The typical application for the surface includes driveways, parking areas, estate roads, cycleways, and footpaths. Contact the surface company that installs your driveway to clean and seal it when needed. You will find that this driveway will last many years.

What Are Your Paving Needs?

What are your surfacing requirements? If you are seeking a domestic surface company, review its listings. Whether you need work done for a standard concrete pavement or wish to switch to tarmacadam or asphalt, use a business that offers a full array of service options. Doing so will ensure that your own driveway installation or repair will go as planned.

Review Your Kerbing Needs

Again, groundwork services should be included so that you can obtain assistance with any drainage work or kerbing that may be needed during driveway surfacing and repair. If you need kerbing, then concrete kerbing or a brick or stone edging can be added to complement the looks of a drive. Select from coloured concrete bricks, clay pavers, or even ceramics. Kerbing can be set in cement, concrete, or sand, depending on the type of edging or kerbing that you desire for your drive.

Work with a Surfacing Professional

Keep the above information in mind when you choose a company to refresh the looks or your kerb or driveway. Make sure that the contractor is fully committed to surface work and repair.

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