Do You Have Special Mobility Needs When Bathing


If you have special mobility needs while bathing or showering, you may need to make some upgrades to your bathroom. Maybe you require special equipment. For instance, shower chairs are made of a modular style and can be designed with various amenities. These amenities include the following:

  • Interchangeable backrests or armrests.
  • Seats that can be switched for a person’s comfort needs.
  • Footrests for increased relaxation.

Mobility Baths–Some of the Amenities

Homeowners can include a bath in their homes too–one that especially supports their mobility requirements. Baths that are featured in Dartford bathrooms display some of the following amenities:

  • A height-adjusted rail system.
  • An open area beneath the bath for adding floor hoists.
  • The flexibility of increasing the bath’s width to 745 millimetres, optimising the bathing pleasure of the user.

Use the Bath in Various Environments

This mobility bathing aid enhances a variety of bathing environments, thereby offering the user the ability to bathe in the comfort and privacy of his or her home. The bath also permits a carer to conveniently bathe the client at a safe working height, thereby reducing the risk of a back injury.

Rise and Recline Furnishings

Besides supplying bathing needs, a mobility products company can also offer items like rise and recline chairs. If you need mobility equipment or furnishings, contact a professional in the field of specialist bathroom equipment today. He or she can evaluate your unique requirements, so certain products can be adapted to you specifically. Equipment of this type is designed for a better quality of life, whether it is placed in a care home or residence.


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