DIY Tips for Installing a Hardwood Floor


One of the most awesome things about living in the digital age is that you can learn to do just about anything online. That’s why you’ve begun researching ways to install a hardwood floor. You’ve been wanting that rustic appeal for so long now that you can almost see your new flooring as it will look when you have it laid, but if you’ve never installed flooring before, there are some things you need to know. While laying hardwood boards isn’t rocket science, there is a precise way to do the job, so make sure you take plenty of time getting everything together before you jump into a project which could quickly get you in over your head.

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Have All Your Tools and Supplies on Hand First

There is nothing quite as frustrating as getting into a job only to find that you don’t have what you need for the next step. Sometimes it isn’t an issue but other times it could set you back hours, if not days. For example, what happens if you don’t have the right kind of sander on hand when you need it and your local home improvement store doesn’t have one in stock either?

You have a few options, none of which are great in terms of time. One of the most common mistakes many new DIYers make is in buying the wrong tool for the job. For example, a panel sander would be used for a large area while you would most likely need an orbital or drum sander, both used on hardwood floors, but both give a different finish. Knowing which will give you the smoothness you desire is important, so have all your tools on hand prior to starting the project.

Take the Time to Watch Videos – As Many as You Can!

No matter how many times you read over something, there’s nothing like getting a first-hand demonstration. Oh, the wonders of YouTube! However, make sure that you check the qualifications of the person or flooring expert producing the video because, as you know, there are wannabes in every industry under the sun.

Also, you will find that different carpenters and flooring pros have slightly different techniques and tips to offer, so learn what you can from various sources. Watch how they do things and get a feel for what you think you might be able to handle. Even so, be warned that on YouTube, everything looks easier than it is simply because those guys know what they are doing. They have installed a hardwood floor or two over the years!

Knowing When to Say, “I Quit!”

Hopefully, you won’t get halfway into the project before throwing your hands up in despair! It is essential that you are realistic about what you can and can’t do. The best tip anyone can give you when contemplating a DIY hardwood flooring project (if you’ve never installed a floor that is) would be to do tons of research before jumping in. It’s not the most difficult home improvement you could undertake, but it’s not the easiest either. Be realistic and as the old saying goes, “Quit while you’re ahead!” if you think it’s more than you can manage. Call in a pro because it just might be more cost effective than bungling a job!

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