Direct cool refrigerators v/s frost-free refrigerators


Are you thinking of bringing a new refrigerator to your home? While in the electronics market, you would come across a wide range of fridge models with different specifications and brands. However, it is imperative to get a full idea about the different kinds of refrigerators and their unique features before buying one for your home. Several buyers of home appliance are confused about the difference between direct cooling and frost-free refrigerator. If you wish to bring one home, then you must understand the difference.

Difference Between Direct Cool and Frost-Free Refrigerators

You would observe that the potential difference between both these models of the fridge goes beyond the price factor, however, price plays a significant role in this aspect. The direct cool refrigerators tend to be comparatively less costly than the typical frost-free model of the refrigerators. While the gap in price has helped in keeping the frost-free refrigerators to be purchased only by the elite class, the difference between these models is gradually decreasing. Moreover, it is assumed to decrease substantially in the coming years.

The frost-free refrigerators, like the name indicates, are not in need of any sort of manual defrosting of the refrigerator. These models consist of a small apparatus that is kept inside the main unit. This apparatus is responsible for melting the accumulated ice automatically. This process of automatic defrosting is carried out without disturbing the natural cycle of cooling of the fridge. Thus, the frost-free refrigerator is able to keep the contents of the fridge cooler without any disturbance.

In contrast to the frost-free models, the direct cooling model of the fridge is able to produce the necessary chilling in its unit through the process of natural convection. The direct cool model is not able to keep the contents of the fridge cool in an effective manner. It is not able to balance the cooling of the fridge items particularly in the fresh food containers that are humidity controlled. The frost-free refrigerators are able to scorch the food within freezer with lesser burn. This is due to the fact that the buildup of the ice formation in such refrigerators is negligible even on the individual items of the fridge.

As far as energy consumption is concerned, the direct cool refrigerator wins the race in comparison to the frost-free refrigerators. The direct cool fridge requires less amounts of electricity consumption at equal temperature as compared to the frost-free model. The direct cool fridge cools the contents of the fridge quickly. Due to faster cooling an energy efficiency factors, several buyers prefer buying direct cool units in contrast to the frost-free models. However, technology keeps changing constantly. Therefore, it is expected that even frost-free refrigerators would be on the verge of becoming highly energy-efficient.

Several manufacturers of the refrigerators are focusing more upon the frost-free models than direct cool fridges. This is because they are able to foresee the expected growth in its market in the coming times. To ensure the same, several engineers are working upon the frost-free models to make them energy-efficient and greatly durable.

The durability of the present frost-free refrigerators is greater in comparison to that of the direct cool units. With the recent advancements taking place in the technological aspect of the frost-free refrigerators, it is assumed that the direct cool models might become obsolete in a span of 10-15 years.

In the current situation, both direct cool as well as frost-free models of refrigerators are available in the market. Amazon, Bijli Bachao, and so more have the best range of the best refrigerators. You can make the best decision of your purchase based on your priority and preferences. Have a happy shopping!

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