Different design styles and factors to consider for modern granny flats


People choose to build and live in granny flats for several reasons. If you are interested in modern granny flats, you will come across many variations depending on the construction, design, plan and price. Granny flats are a good way to discover extra room and space and comfort that people often seek easy- to-maintain and quite economical alternative accommodation. There are so many words used for granny flats. Which are Secondary dwellings, cottages or even Backyard Cabins.

All such granny flats made with elegance and uniqueness serve many purposes. It might be built as music and art studios, teenager’s retreat, home offices, family vacation destination, etc. you can keep you family together at such residential arrangement or use modern granny flats as separate space to grab maximum pleasure and recreation. Usually, a distant haven is preferred to make it into a special flat design and treat is as a detached residential structure that still borders on the property of property home.

The main reason why people tend to live in granny flats is that they are less expensive than the idea of building another house. It is a better choice to look after the folks than leaving them to an old-aged care houses. Let’s explore different designs and things to know when buying granny flats.

Different Types of Granny Flats

Mainly there are two types of granny flats:


Attached modern granny flats are a structure that works as a functional extension to an existing house. More rooms are usually added in order to use it as a granny flat.


Detached granny flat design is designed by placing the flat as an external part to your existing home.

Constructional& perceptive difference

When you have a large piece of land or block and when you prefer to have a separate dwelling, detached granny flats can fit your desire perfectly. It can add some room to the backyard of the house.

When it comes to attached granny flats, you will find they are more compatible for larger homes with unoccupied rooms that have minimum usability.

People tend to perceive attached granny flats as a setting that saves money since it is just another part of the existing property. However, this might not arguably be entirely true. One must consider the cost involved in consolidating the existing structure and housing the new setting, as well as building a new entrance make detached modern granny flats a little more economical.

Modular Granny Flat Design

Compared to conventional structure of granny flats, modular granny flat design offers many benefits like:

  • No need to lay a slab
  • A transportable design that can be moved to another location easily
  • More economical than traditional building
  • Quick turnaround time for building
  • Minimal disruption involved for main dwelling

Merits offered by Traditional Granny Flat Design

  • Cozy, intimate and hospitable
  • Best suitable for old people especially those with sentiments for old style of modern granny flats or cottages
  • Budget-friendly as compared to contemporary designs
  • Can be done as DIY project and assembled easily
  • Resembles older home design
  • Reflects rustic appeal and look to match with countryside dwellings

Pros of Modern Granny Flats:

  • You can build it anew or buy it readymade
  • Can be built to match with contemporary building rules and codes
  • Because of the modern appearance, it appeals to young people and college students
  • Delivers high energy efficiency
  • Can be an environment-friendly option
  • Slick look and pretty appearance.

As you learned in this blog, you will see a wide range of options in the market for modern granny flats as well as conventional granny flat design. Based on your requirements and age group, you can pick the one that suits your taste.

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