Detect Leaks Before It Is Too Late


On an average the monthly consumption of water for a homeowner is between 8,000 and 15,000 gallons. In case this volume spikes suddenly without any reason, then you might assume that your water system is leaking somewhere. Water leaks can occur at all the places where there is usage of water like toilets, faucets, sprinklers, pool and so on. Detecting leaks can be very tricky, you can detect some yourself, otherwise you may have to call in a licensed plumber to do it as they have leak detection methods to detect difficult leaks.

A very common place where leaks can occur is the toilets. There is an easy method to detect leaky toilet. Add a few drops of food color into the tank; after sometimes check the bowl of he toilet. If the toilet is leaking you will see food coloring in the bowl; which means that the flapper is leaking. Replacing the flapper is an easy job. Constant sound of running water is another indication of a leaky toilet.

To check the leaks from faucet all you have to do is look under the sink for any sign of wet spots. Wet spot means faucet leak. You can shut off the supply of water to the affected faucet until it is replaced or repaired.

Outside home leaks can occur in sprinkler heads which can be detected easily. Broken sprinkler head is the main concern as it will cause excessive outflow when the system is running. Other leakages outdoors will be hard for you to detect. If you suspect any leak outdoors, better call a plumber who will be able to detect such leaks.

Another place where you can assume leaks can occur is the swimming pool. Since the system is automated there are chances that the system may malfunction causing leaks. You got to have a professional to detect any leakage in this area. Find more info about Plumbing Repair tips and Plumbing Home Repair on this web site.

Even after checking all the possible places for leakages, you still find that spike in water usage; you then have to ultimately take the help of your city utility company. With their help turn off your water and set your eyes on the water meter. With the water turned off if you still find that your water meter is logging usage, then it can only mean that your system is leaking. However, if the water meter does not log any usage when the water is turned off, you can be happy that there is no leak anywhere in your home.

You should always be alert so far as leaks are concerned because it means not only draining of water unnecessarily but drain of money as well.

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