Designing a Dreamy Walk-In Wardrobe


For many men and women, a walk-in wardrobe is the ultimate dream. Being able to show off all of your beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories at the same time is just amazing, and the even better part is that you can see everything you have in one place. Walk-in wardrobes were often seen as a luxury, something you only had if you’re house was big enough for 8 bedrooms, however, they’ve become much more popular in normal sized homes today, and with the ability to tailor make your wardrobe to suit your home, there’s really no stopping you!

When designing your dream dressing room, you need to consider what kind of shape and size you want the room to be, or even what size you have to work with. A walk-in wardrobe doesn’t have to be huge, as long as you have enough storage space and can display some of your favourite items then you have everything you need. The most popular shaped walk-in wardrobes are either an L shape, U shape or a straight walk in style. The perfect thing about these shapes is that you can design the rest of your room around this, for example you can introduce other items that will emphasise the room and add character.

Lighting is really important in creating the perfect atmosphere for your walk-in wardrobe. How you light the room will affect how you feel, and in a room full of clothes, you want to feel good! Having a good source of lighting, whether that is natural or artificial, will help to create a warm, cosy atmosphere as well as create a beautiful lighting set for you to get ready properly. You may want to look at including standalone lighting alongside some smaller lighting features that you can use when you don’t want the main light to be switched on, and you could always look at adding some candles to add to the ambiance of the room as well as adding a beautiful aroma.

Once you have chosen how you want the layout of your room to be, you can think about adding items such as an oak dressing table, fancy chest of drawers and even a beautiful full length mirror to help when you’re getting ready. Having these items will add to the character of the room and create the perfect glamorous feel. Your furniture is key in ensuring everything in your walk-in wardrobe feels right. For many, a walk-in wardrobe is simply that, but if you have room to add more, then you can turn it into a room that you can use to get ready and spend lots of time preparing for special occasions. Next you should consider your storage, which plays a huge part in any walk-in wardrobe. There are the obvious wardrobe features that will be used to store certain items of clothing, but you can then look into adding drawers and other storage devices to equip you with essential storage space. Whether you choose to invest in multiple wardrobes, or you go for more of an open plan look, you can really add great amounts of storage to your room and make the most out of the space that you have. To be really organised, you could look to storing specific items in specific places, or you could go for a seasonal layout where all summery items go in one section and so on. This way your room will be neat and organised.

The way you choose to finish the room will emphasise your personal style and interests. Whether you’re someone who loves shoes and decides to have a whole shelving unit dedicated to shoes, or you’re a jewellery lover who has a beautiful cabinet to display all of your favourite pieces, you can really add to the character of the room by injecting lots of personal touches. Similarly, adding items such as art, family photographs and even magazine covers or fashion illustrations will emphasise the glamorous feel and add to the overall look. Having cute, personal items in the room will enable you to feel comfortable and relaxed, as well as creating a really homely, welcoming atmosphere.

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