Design Tips for Your Tiny Home Short Term Rental


Looking for an innovative way to create an additional stream of income? Adding a tiny home to your property and turning it into a short term rental can do just that. By adding an ADU as a short term rental, you can add a lucrative income stream to your property, and it may be simpler than you think.

We have some design tips to help you create a space that your guests will love, getting your the 5 star reviews and referrals you need to build a successful side venture.

1. Provide privacy

Because you will be placing the tiny home on your own property, avoiding the need to invest in land and benefitting from tax breaks associated with ADUs, you will want to prioritize privacy. Pay careful attention to how close the tiny home is to your own home, how private the entrance will be, and the noise level between the two homes. Orient the tiny home so that the windows and doors are not too close to your personal space so that they can feel distinct from one another.

2. Make it photogenic

One of the best ways to build a successful vacation rental business is to make yours something your guests are excited to share about on social media. If the interior design is on trend and well done, your guests will naturally want to share about it.

You can also choose to include a particularly photo-worthy feature in the design, like a unique mural, a window points toward the best view from the property, or a specialty mug collection.

3. Choose multi-functional furniture

To provide plenty of functionality without crowing the space, look for furniture that can serve more than one purpose. For example, an ottoman that has storage beneath it can hold extra throw blankets or card games. A sofa bed can provide seating and an extra sleeping area depending on what your guests prefer. Consider adding a kitchen island that can double as cooking prep space or dining area with stools tucked beneath.

4. Make it cozy

Greg Dallaire, Expert Real Estate Agent in Green Bay offers this: “A tiny home is obviously much smaller than your guests may be used to, but it doesn’t have to be less comfortable. Prioritize making your tiny home cozy and comfy by making sure the mattresses and bedding are high quality, and stock the space with extra pillows and blankets so your guests can make themselves at home.”

5. Add special touches

When your guests choose to rent your tiny home rather than a hotel, they know it will be a different experience. You can wow them with a nod to the best parts of the traditional hospitality industry with special touches like mints on the pillow, or a pastries from a local bakery to welcome them upon arrival. You likely won’t offer turn down service or housekeeping during their stay, but you can still provide that extra touch to make your rental stand out from others.

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