Dekton: The innovative new Surface

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Dekton is one such new product that combines different raw materials into a strong, durable and attractive new surface. It is said to be the new ultra-compact surface that is all set to revolutionize the category of surface materials. It has been empowered with advanced technical properties for both interior and exterior design.

This product has been launched globally and embodies innovation and the evolution of the surfacing industry, as well as the future of innovations.

Dekton Edora Worktops

This engineered material utilizes the latest technology of sinterized particles (TSP) in order to create a manufactured simulation of the metamorphic change. This time duration results in a superior surface that can withstand the rigors of daily kitchen worktop use.

It has great properties like:

  • Reduced water absorption
  • High resistance to heat, stains and scratches
  • A wide range that suits every requirement

Dekton, which is used for worktops, provides a welcome addition to any kitchen. MKW Surfaces stocks a range of Dekton products meant for both commercial and residential applications and requirements.

The perfect finish of the product comes from the way it has been engineered. The uniformed thickness of this material makes it easy and fast to install it, providing a sleek and luxurious finish to any interior and/or exterior settings.

The development of this product has been a considerable leap. Be it in terms of investment or in the utilizing the best technologies, the experts in the business have put their best foot forward in order to let the innovation reach the masses. The result of all the hard work has been a product that has proved extremely well in its performance and unique design. People have been excited to see it finally hit the market.

This new product is made by mixing the inorganic raw material found in glass, porcelain tile and natural quartz. The process which is used in order to make this wonder material combines technologies from these three industries. The resultant is this new advancement called Particle Sintering Technology (PST),

PST has been developed exclusively by Cosentino’s R&D team. Like the above team, there are other R & D teams that have worked in the most efficient manner.

This technology is an accelerated version of the “change in form” that rocks and stone undergo in nature when subjected to heat and pressure over thousands of years. The use of extreme heat and pressure makes the process of millions of years to come down to a few weeks. This creates an entirely new category of material, which is an ultra-compact surface. In fact, the press used in the manufacture of this ultra-compact material during the whole process has a capacity of 25,000 tons, six times more than what has been regarded as the world’s largest press up to now.

One of Dekton’s unique characteristics is its unique UV resistance, acts as a shield for color stability outdoors and exceptional strength along with unmatched performance.

This highly impact resistant product can be used in high-traffic areas since it has very low water absorption and the thermal shock resistance against heat, frost and thawing.

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