Define the Boundaries of Your Property with a Closeboard Fence


You can choose from a number of kinds of fencing panels. Any of the panels will give you the privacy and security that you desire. When you choose panels, also make sure that you can select from timber posts at the retailer where you buy the parts. This will make erecting a fence much easier.

A Versatile and Cost-Effective Boundary

One of the popular fences used today is closeboard fencing. The panels used for this type of fence are both versatile and cost-effective. When picking this type of fence, you may or may not need planning permission. It just depends on the fence size. Usually, you can establish a fence that is as much as 1.95 metres high without approval. If your fence will be standing next to a public highway, you will need to obtain permission. Needless to say, it is best to check with the local council before you initiate the work.

Concrete the Posts into the Ground

It does not matter what type of posts you are erecting; the basic construction process is the same. Closeboard panels and posts are made up of a collection of posts, gravel boards, rails, and feather edge. The posts should be sized at least 100 x 100 millimetres. Concrete them into the ground at about 760 millimetres. This measure is suggested for taller fencing.

Fit a Gravel Board between the Posts

In addition, the post centres should not surpass 3.0 metres. Rails should be added horizontally across the timber posts. Typically, two rails are added on a 1.2 metre feather edge. Three rails are constructed on higher edging. Whilst it is not mandatory, experts advise that you fit a gravel board between the posts next to the ground. This simple procedure keeps the feather edge from touching the ground, which will lower any future maintenance costs.

How to Lower the Cost of Future Replacements

To increase the life of a closeboard fence, fencing suppliers in Oxford recommend that the homeowner erect the fence using gravel boards and posts made of concrete. Because this adds to the life of the fence, any future costs for replacing timber parts will be much lower.

An Easy Repair

As closeboard fences are made with separate parts, they offer the homeowner a number of benefits. Not only is the fence ideal for inclines but it is also simple to repair. Should any feather edge begin to look worn, it is an inexpensive process to exchange the boards.

All the materials that are used for this type of fence are pressure-treated. Therefore, you can be assured that the timber will withstand the ravages of time. When the fence is constructed properly, it serves as a strong barrier and offers the optimum level of privacy. The closeboard panels can be used to make a fence of just about any height. Plus, you can use this type of fence in either a front or back garden or at a commercial facility.

In order to maintain the product, treat the tim

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