Decoration Ideas for Bay Windows


Bay windows are a lovely feature of any room. They enhance the view outside, letting you feel more at one with your surroundings. Additionally, they provide a nice feature area in a room that immediately draws attention. You can make them look even more attractive by adding tasteful decorations to your bay window area.

Use drapes or curtains that go all the way to the floor. Think about using more than two drapes in your area. Bay windows look great when each segment has its own drape. Place comfortable stools or small armchairs in the area, ideally with upholstery that matches your drapes. Using warm colors makes your room feel warm and inviting.

Bay windows are ideal for accommodating a home office desk. The space will look even better if you get a skilled cabinet maker to build a desk-cum-storage unit that is made specifically for the space. Another option is to put in padded, bench seating under the window.

Bay windows are also great places for placing plants, flowers and shrubs. Put in an extended windowsill as a display area for flowers and plants. If the area in front of your window is big enough, you could place a table and chairs in the window. This provides a lovely, sunny location for breakfast or other meals.

If your bay windows stretch all the way to the floor, you might want to keep the area clear of any furnishings. That way, you have a panoramic view of the exterior. You could then enhance the outside area to make this view look great. While your bay windows will allow in lots of light from outside, you should not overlook internal lighting. Imaginative lighting can make your bay window look just as good at night as it does during the day.

Maybe the best option for your bay windows is to take stuff away rather than adding anything. Because bay windows are quite similar to alcoves, lots of people use them as a dumping ground for stuff that does not easily go anywhere else. That means that the area in front of lots of bay windows appears untidy and cluttered. That really reduces the benefits of having bay windows.

Check online for images of bay windows to get even more inspiration. Precisely what you can do will depend on the size of your windows and your budget, but you are bound to get great ideas from looking at what others have done.

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