Dealing with Furniture when Hiring a Removal Company


One of the biggest problems that you will face when moving to a new house is how you will move the furniture. It is huge and valuable. You can’t just leave it in the hands of people who don’t know what to do to ensure that it remains in good condition after arrival at the new house. This is why you have to be hands on in hiring the right removal company until the furniture has safely arrived at your house.

Ask them to check the furniture first

It helps if they have a look at the furniture that you will transfer first. This will let them know what materials they need to secure the furniture with and how much time it will take for them to get the furniture ready. They will also advise you if you need more than one truck to transfer all of the items you have at home.

Ask for quotations

After they check the furniture, they will give you an idea of how much it will cost you to have the items moved to your new house. It helps if you ask for quotations so that you can estimate the total expense. You will still be given the chance to continue or cancel the transaction after getting the quotation. You can even negotiate the price if you deem it really expensive.

Supervise the transfer

Though removal companies are trustworthy, your furniture is just too expensive for you to leave it in their hands without supervision. It is important that you check everything every step of the way. You need to see to it that the furniture is fully wrapped and protected before being loaded on the truck. You must also check if there are enough people carrying the furniture to the truck so they won’t suddenly drop it.

Once they have loaded everything, you need to check again if everything is in place so that it won’t move around in case of a bumpy road during the transfer. When the truck starts moving, your job is still not over. You need to make sure that upon arrival the furniture is carefully unloaded and placed in your new house. It must also be carefully unwrapped. You can check the furniture for dents or damage. You can claim insurance if something happens.

This might make you appear annoying if you take a look at every aspect of the process. However, you can’t just leave everything to others when hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of furniture might be at stake. Nevertheless, the best way to make you feel confident is to choose the right company for removals Cheltenham offers. They will send you the best people.

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