Creative Home Decor Hacks that You Need to Know Today


Whether you are looking to add a new look to a room in your home or if you are thinking of an entire decorative overhaul, implementing a few creative hacks that you need to know today is a way to truly transform any living space. From remodeling your bathroom to creating a new bedroom atmosphere, a few simple creative hacks are all you need to get started on changing the decor throughout your home immediately!

Thrift Shopping for Home Decor

One of the best ways to add new looks and themes to any spaces in and outside of a home is to go thrift shopping. Use local thrift shops to browse for curtains, fabric, and other home decor items that are meaningful and help to add a personal touch to the space you have in mind, big or small. Find cheaper glassware, vases, and even entire kitchen sets at a fraction of their retail price when choosing to shop locally while browsing various thrift shops near you.

Get Creative with Your Home’s Entryway

When you enter your home, consider the layout of where your household places their shoes, keys, and incoming or outgoing mail. If you have a closet space available, consider creating a space to hang your keys, complete with slots for any type of mail to help reduce clutter while making the space a bit more hidden and kept from everyone when they enter your home. Use ladders (short ones if possible) to stack and place shoes, rather than having shoes lying around in one central location or making their way throughout the house–especially if you have children.

Backyard Wheelbarrow Projects

Want to spruce up your backyard and add a vintage or country theme to the overall look and rustic appeal you desire? Consider using a wheelbarrow to store ice and drinks during barbecues and gatherings. Stack chip bowls and dip on tall bales of hay for a truly country feel. String bottles with LED lights or create your own using colored bottles, wine bottles, and shapely vases for a bohemian and rustic theme.

Teapots and Vases

Using spare teapots and vases gives you plenty of options when you begin decorating and changing the look of any area of your home. Use old teapots that you no longer use in your kitchen as new flower vases, adding both fake and real flowers depending on your style and the look you want to bring to fruition. Old vases are also useful for adding nice centerpieces, though they can also be used to create LED lights, mosaic art, or even painted objects if you enjoy getting extra creative with a paintbrush in your hand.

Use Your Jewelry to Add Luxury to Your Curtains

Do you have a myriad of older jewelry that you no longer use on a regular basis? Use necklaces, bracelets, and even anklets to wrap and tie curtains, especially if you have an abundance of similar styles and looks within your jewelry collection. Find silver and gold chains with colorful pieces and stones to truly add to the overall pizzazz any room you are decorating currently has with its look. Create an elegant and luxurious look while also honing in on vintage style depending on the pieces you choose to use with the current curtains you have in place.

Another tip for curtains–consider opting for the use of a duvet to add new curtains to your space if you are unable to find curtains locally that fit the style you are seeking. You can also learn how to create your own “no-sew” curtains and head to a local craft store to pick up the perfect fabric to fit any room! Additionally, shopping online for various fabrics, patterns, and themes is another way to find what you are looking for while also purchasing enough to add your own accent pillows to truly tie the room together.

Boost Creativity When Busting Out the Paint

Painting is one of the essentials when decorating rooms and spaces in any type of home or apartment. When you are painting a room, consider painting the sides of your doors along with the sides of your dresser drawers to match and create a working theme throughout the space. Whip out a canvas or piece of wood to paint your own decorative art that matches the new colors you are introducing to your room, helping to bring the entire look together and allowing it to flow.

Taking the time to brainstorm and browse through various ideas, room makeovers, and how to do so within your budget allows you to gather your thoughts so you are able to move forward confidently with your decisions. With just the right creative hacks from Ygrene, take any area or space in your house or apartment to the next level of design and appeal, regardless of your budget and the style you are going for in your home!

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