Common Services Offered by a Professional Plumber in Sydney


Plumbing and drainage are issues that the city of Sydney takes seriously. According to the 1997 Protection of the Environment Operations Act(PEPs) and the Local Government Act of 1993, the government of Sydney can issue repair orders for stormwater drainages and broken sewers.

Under these laws, its local government can also require homeowners to call a licensed plumber Sydney has to offer to investigate their drainage and sewer systems. If you do not want to get to the point where the local government would check on your place, it is best to call a plumber yourself for regular maintenance. Here is the list of services that you can expect city plumbers to do during a regular house call:

General inspection

Upon arrival at your place, one of the first things a licensed plumber would do is check if all the faucets have the right water pressure. Sometimes, it will involve a simple pressure test to detect leaks, hairline cracks, and clogs. They will also look for signs of pipe corrosion and water damages on the wall. Afterwards, they will inspect your bathroom fixtures to check if your toilets are properly flushing. Occasionally, he might also do lead testing if you live in an area in Sydney that has not upgraded to modern plumbing already.

The usual rate of a Sydney-based plumber for a general inspection is roughly AUD 60-80. If all of your drainage and piping systems are clear, he will give you a certificate showing that your plumbing is up to the city’s standard.

Drainage work

One of the most usual concerns that a plumber in Sydney finds during an inspection is blocked drains. To see the extent of this issue, he will often use a CCTV drain camera to find where most obstructions are.

If the jams are minor, he may use acids like hydrochloric acid and sulfuric acid to liquefy the blockages and remove them with a sink plunger. Alternatively, he might also consider using motorized drain auger to get the job done. This equipment can reach down the clog and break the solidified clog with its elongated metal coil. While a motorized drain auger can be bought in hardware stores, it is still highly advisable that only licensed plumber use it because improper utilization can significantly damage your pipes. Similarly, even if the acids are widely available in grocery stores, handling them without prior knowledge is hazardous. As such, it is better to rely on professionals to work on your clogged drains.

Meanwhile, if the clogs are really hard to remove, your plumber might opt to use a hydro-jetter device. This equipment has a 360° nozzle that can eliminate all blockages with a highly pressurized water blast. After this procedure is performed, you can be sure that there will be no clogs left in your drain. A hydro-jetting service in Sydney typically costs anywhere between AUD 160-400.

Leak repairs

Another common problem seen during maintenance service is a leaking pipe. One of the things that a licensed plumber does to remedy the solution is replacing the gasket or the washers. He may also tighten some of the pipelines, apply an epoxy paste, and wrap waterproof tapes on pipes with minor leaks. If the problem is too serious, your licensed plumber may require an overhaul of your pipe system.

Sydney is a city that has strict plumbing codes. As such, it is best to call a local licensed plumber to do regular maintenance in your house to ensure that you will not get in trouble with the local government. Detecting clogged drains and leaking pipes at an early stage is better than having them repaired when the damage becomes major. If you need to have your maintenance check now, your plumber is just one call away!

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