Common Fixes for Issues with Roller Shutter Garage Doors


Roller shutter garage doors are the primary choice for homeowners across the UK. Apart from the fact that they are significantly more affordable compared to their counterparts, these garage doors also offer a slew of other benefits. They are very easy to maintain, for starters. You don’t have to spend a great deal of money each year just to keep the doors functioning normally. Moreover, they take up considerably less space compared to other types of garage doors. If you don’t have a longer driveway and just want a simple garage door, opting for a roller shutter garage door is a great idea.

There are numerous options available in the market ranging from simple sheet doors to fully-insulated roller garage doors. Again, most of these are pretty affordable, so it’s unlikely that you will face an issue regarding the price. On top of all this, these shutter doors also offer a lot of security. It’s virtually impossible for someone to break open the internal locks and pull the door up. If you have an electrical roller shutter garage door, it will automatically snap into place and the locking mechanism will seal shut once the door touches the ground. However, many people have experienced problems with these garage doors. Here are some common fixes that may help you out.

Dirt in Tracks

One of the most common issues that you may encounter is if dirt gets stuck in the tracks of the garage door. If that happens, the door might jam midway while opening. If you feel that the door is opening slowly or often gets stuck in the middle before the tracks begin to move, it might be due to dirt in the tracks. Take a close look at the tracks and observe the channels. If you see any type of dirt in the garage door, you should start by cleaning out the runners and applying some oil on the region after cleaning. You will notice a marked improvement in performance afterwards.

Overheating Motor

Electrical roller shutters are generally powered by a motor. The motor is used for lifting the doors upwards or bringing them downwards. Remember, it’s a door designed for basic functionality. If you begin to overwork the door, it won’t be long before the motor overheats and the whole mechanism stops working altogether. If you are constantly opening and closing the shutter doors every few minutes, it won’t take very long for the motor to overheat and stop working altogether. Wait a little while for the motor to cool down before trying to open or close the door again.

Proximity Sensors

Most modern electrical roller shutters are fitted with proximity sensors that are designed to stop the opening or closing mechanism if anything is detected in the proximity. Obviously, this is to prevent some kind of “Final Destination” situation from arising while the doors close. However, if the proximity sensors begin to malfunction, you will probably have to get them replaced altogether.

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