Moving house is daunting at the best of times, and inevitably people accumulate masses of clutter and rubbish even within a short space of time. Sometimes it’s not until you come to move that you realise just how bad it has got, and key areas where clutter tends to arise are storage spaces such as lofts, cellars, sheds and cupboard areas.

However, with a little planning rubbish removal can be a good way to re-organise your life, and shifting masses of unwanted and useless items can have a real cathartic effect and it can be very energising to de-junk your life. Even organised families and individuals sometimes don’t realise just how many possessions they have. Many of us hoard numerous items that we think will come in handy or be useful at a later date, and over a number of years this kind of stashing mounts up.


A good technique is to initially sift through everything in the storage areas and make a decision as to whether you want to keep it or let it go. At this stage there is no need to decide if it’s rubbish or sellable, as that can come later.

As you bag and box things up, label them then you know what they are and if they genuinely are rubbish, ensure they are clearly marked and keep these items to one side. You may need a provisional second sift to decide if you are going to give other items away to charity shops, or try to sell them but usually this doesn’t take as long as in starting the process your mind has already begun to analyse what is needed in the initial sort.

There will be a point where you will have to deploy a little ruthlessness and honesty to decide what goes and what stays, but it usually becomes clear what items you simply cannot do without and which should have been dispensed with a long time ago!


Once you have definitively decided what is extraneous to requirements, a rubbish removal firm can take any further hassle out of the process by a professional removal service. Clearabee is one such established company that operates nationwide over 7 days a week, and they have a number of service options to choose from. The firm undertakes rubbish removal from homes and businesses and even operate a same day service. The most popular service the company has is the man and van rubbish clearance, and the firm can remove most types of waste.

Clearabee also operate environmentally friendly processes, diverting 90% of the rubbish they remove from landfill and they offset all of the CO2 from their vehicles. The company are a trusted brand that don’t subcontract work, and they score highly on customer reviews and operate a flexible, friendly and efficient service whatever the job.


So, if you are in the process of moving, or are just simply thinking about it, there are a number of techniques you can utilise knowing that the feeling of relief will be immense once you start the job and get organised.

More importantly you can be secure in the knowledge that when you are ready to part with all the rubbish you have acquired over the years, there is a reputable company that can assist with the final steps of getting ready for your exciting new start!

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