Choosing the Best Outdoor Dining Set


Dining outdoors with friends and family is one of life’s simple pleasures, and having the perfect dining set will make the experience even more enjoyable. Keep these buying tips in mind to help you choose the ideal patio furniture where you can enjoy your meals, sip your cup of morning coffee, entertain friends, and more.

  1. Consider the Space

Where, in your patio, do you plan to set up your outdoor dining? Look at your backyard or patio area and measure the open space you have. It is important to leave enough room around the table to move about comfortably. For instance, a narrow deck will not fit a large, round, 8-seater table. Instead, get a rectangular, 6-seater outdoor table for a more fitting option.

  1. Pick the Appropriate Size and Shape

Once you have measured the space, you can easily identify your options. For big backyards, you have plenty of choices to choose from, such as rectangle and oval-shaped tables, which seat more guests. For smaller verandas, you may want to go for counter-height or bar-height outdoor table sets over standard-height ones. They are often compact, which is ideal for smaller spaces.

  1. Choose the Type of Material

The material for your outdoor dining set greatly depends on your personal tastes, although you should also consider its durability since it will have to hold up rain or shine.

  • Wood. It lends a timeless look, but make sure to avoid the softer variants since moisture can easily rot them. Look for teak wood as it endures the elements well and ages beautifully.
  • Resin Wicker. Dining sets made of resin wicker are ideal for locations with moist climates. It is similar to more solid plastics but more durable than wicker and comes in various colours and styles.
  • Recycled Plastic. As the name implies, these dining sets are made from used plastics, making a great option if you want to keep everything at home eco-friendly.
  • Metal. Metal dining sets come in different varieties, such as steel, aluminium and wrought iron. Some metals corrode easily, and those that are very lightweight can easily be blown around during windy weathers.
  • Tile-Covered. These tables often come in mosaic styles, adding colour and art to any outdoor space, and typically come in metal frames.
  1. Shop for Accessories

After shopping for your outdoor table, you might also want to get some extras to complete your patio dining set.

  • Umbrella. For a space that does not get much shade, install an umbrella to make the spot look more enticing. Pick one in a colour and style that matches your outdoor dining motif.
  • Storage Space. Having under-table drawers or shelves allows you to store dining utensils and accessories close by. You may also buy separate storages, like an outdoor ottoman or a deck box, to keep such items.
  • Outdoor Cushions. Add comfort to your alfresco dining with outdoor chair cushions in colours and patterns that compliments your patio set.
  • Additional Foldable Tables and Chairs. Give yourself the option to invite more guests by purchasing foldable tables and chairs, which you can collapse conveniently when not in use.

Outdoor dining is an awesome way to relax, entertain, and gather together. Consider these buying tips in choosing the appropriate dining set for your outdoor space. Once everything is set, the next thing to do now is to sit outside and enjoy your beautiful and functional outdoor dining spot.

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