Carpet Wash Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Tips


Effective carpet washer can be used to get your carpet to look as clean as new, nonetheless a bad model can only make them look pale, grimy and smudged. Carpet cleaners use detergents while cleaning to break down all the entrenched dirt as well as stains. Dirty carpets have traces of liquid and so many attachments such that a simple scrubber cannot just clean it effectively. There are so many models of carpet washing machines that can be used to restore the glitter of your carpet and also make it last.

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How to Buy Carpet Cleaner

When shopping for a deluxe carpet washer, there are things you must know to help you avoid buying a poor model. A perfect carpet washer should make the cleaning process easy. Here are some of the tips to guide you on how to buy the best carpet cleaner.

  1. Go for the best features

Certain carpet cleaner features can possibly make the cleaning process easier, speedier and effective as well. Although, they might heighten the cost, you only have to consider what you really need. Among the most handy; auto-mix, these are carpet cleaners that automatically mixes water and the detergent, thus saving your time. Detergent spray, this feature aids pre-treating hard stains on the carpet before actually washing it. The handheld brush is meant for cleaning the stairs, upholstery plus all the other carpet surfaces. Crevice tool is meant for cleaning all the constricted spaces as well as the tight corners. Turbo tool is a handheld device that rotates for deep-cleaning of areas you cannot reach easily with main floor head. Other features include water tank heater, dry vacuuming and others.

  1. Check the Price

The cost of carpet washers range between £75 and £350, however, it is practically important to spend some extra cash. For £200 and above, there are amazing best machine buys which will definitely leave the carpets looking excellently spotless and revitalized.

Though there are carpets selling for less than £50, models selling for less £100 have been tested and found not to be the best quality. By fact, most cheap carpet cleaners have proven to be ineffective when it comes to cleaning. Still, price alone is not enough to help you identify how best a carpet cleaner is, there are still a number of factors to put into consideration.

  1. Carpet Cleaner vs Multi-function Cleaner

A standard carpet washer can only help in cleaning your carpet, but cannot pick up loose dirt and debris, for that reason you will need to first vacuum. A multifunctional cleaner, also known as 2-in-1 cleaner can wash the carpet and vacuum it as well, taking the place of separate vacuum cleaners. For those that have no extra space, the multi-function cleaner is the best option.

It is equally important to know the kind of carpet cleaner to buy for hard floors, but it is more important to check on the specifications of each machine to be sure to buy that which can clean multiple surfaces. The washers shouldn’t be used wooden floor or unsealed laminate, because water can damage such surfaces.

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