Buying a Lounge Suite- A First Time Buying Guide


When you come home after a tiring day at work, wouldn’t you want to relax and just put the world on pause for a while? Most people purchase comfy furniture to place around the house that makes it easy for them to relax and unwind. Your house is your own sanctuary, and you have all the right to turn it into a place that reflects your identity. However, when it comes to buying key pieces, most people are often stumped. They don’t know how to choose one that looks good and is also comfortable. Sacrificing your own comfort for the aesthetic appeal of your place is obviously not a good idea. Buying a lounge suite or a recliner is not similar to purchasing just another piece of furniture, like a couch. In fact, it requires considerable research, trial, and testing, for you to find out the best furniture piece. Here is a brief guide for first time buyers.

Select a Size

Before you even start shopping for a recliner, you should know that they are available in several sizes. The physical space required by a recliner is obviously going to be greater than that of a single sofa seat. Recliners that come with an attached ottoman are unlikely to fit properly with the shape and size that you have chosen for it. If you have limited space in your room, you should choose a lounge suite that comes with an unlocking ottoman. Thus, whenever you recline, the lounge suite will tilt, taking the pressure off of your knees and leaving you in a more comfortable position overall. You can check out a whole lot of different models at Roth Newton lounge suites.

Sit On It

If you want the chair to be comfortable, you need to ensure that it fits you properly. The better the chair fits, the more comfortable it’s going to be for you. When you sit on the recliner, the cushioning should be able to wrap around you without feeling too tight. It’s important that you choose a recliner that isn’t too tight or too loose, especially if you are going to spend long hours on it. Check out different showrooms and shops, and sit on different recliners yourself to see whether they’re comfortable enough or not.

Consider Longevity

Even though most people prefer buying models that are cheaper, it’s important that you consider the longevity of the seat as well. You need to check whether the cost of your investment is going to be worth the value that you draw from it. A proper fit will mean greater comfort, but doesn’t always guarantee longevity. Quality recliners might be more expensive in the beginning, but at least they will last you for several years longer.


Modern recliners are also equipped with a whole array of different features, such as a built-in heater and a back massager as well. Obviously, such recliners are more expensive, so you will have to shell out a bit more money if you want this one!

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