Burglary Attempts: Are Alarms Effective?

Signaling of domestic security

When choosing to incorporate burglary systems in a home, cost versus effect is often considered. Is a piece of equipment worth spending money on versus how low burglary is in a certain area? The answer is yes.

Effectiveness in Alarms

Swadlincote burglar alarms can deter a burglar from stealing thousands of pounds worth of toys, equipment and sentimental items. This could easily be avoided by spending a low amount one time to eliminate this risk. Are burglar alarms effective? Absolutely.

Overseas, a study was conducted by UNC Charlotte that asked incarcerated burglars if they would still rob a home if it had an alarm. An overwhelming 50% said they would not go through with the burglary at all if they knew the home had an alarm. When an alarm is set off during a burglary attempt, a loud or sometimes silent signal is usually sent to authorities.

Louder signals startle burglars and cause them to run off. Silent ones can allow a break-in to still happen, but authorities can catch the person in the act. In a case of hitting two birds with one stone, the burglar can be arrested and you get to keep your valuable items.

If the Burglar Isn’t Caught

If you decide to choose an alarm system that comes with a camera, you may still be able to get your valuable items back after the burglar has run away. A quality camera can identify the burglar or provide clues about them, so the police can prevent future break-ins around the area. Investing money in the proper system can help you get your items back, help others find theirs and place criminals behind bars.

Security systems aid in the prevention of criminal activity and the reduction of stolen items. Some security investments may seem costly at the time, but in retrospect, if they prevent a break-in, you’ll still have all the valuable items you’re afraid of losing, including your loved ones.

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