Bring a Western vintage vibe to your home


Warm up the interiors of your home for the winter ahead with rustic western decor. These spaces are lived-in and welcoming, with comfortable furnishings and a relaxed feel. Even if your home is a far cry from a cabin in the woods or a lofty ranch, you can still bring that same rustic charm to your own interiors.

Some ways to bring a vintage Western vibe to your home include:

Custom millwork and trim. To get the true essence of rustic cabin decor, go with wood. Utilize custom millwork, moldings, and trims to give your room a warm, detailed appearance. This will make it feel cozy and a bit vintage, as though there are stories lurking in the architecture.

Comfy furnishings. Pick pieces that reflect the Western style in the space; mimic traditional symbols and motifs of the Wild West, such as horses, ropes, cowboys, spurs, and boots. For example, leather chairs or sofas with brass rivets or decorative nail-heads have a Western feeling; so do vintage wood pieces that could easily be seen in a rustic cabin or the ranch.

Exposed beams. If you ever visit old ranches or rustic cabins, you may notice at least one exposed beam across the ceiling. These beams may be integral to the structural integrity of the building, but there are some decorative beams that you can have installed to replicate this unique feature. When you highlight an exposed beam or rafter in a room, you will need little else to convey Western charm and a sense of heritage in the space.

Cozy complements. There are some great accent pieces and western decor that will truly exude the style that you are trying to achieve. Consider a great conversation piece, like an authentic leather saddle or camp-style metal cookware, to use as the focal point of your space.

Other ways to reflect the theme throughout the room are:

  • Warm-up walls with contrasting paint colors; for instance, paint the walls a warm, cream color and contrast with a single wall painted in deep brown or rich red.
  • Go with neutral-toned flooring to make smaller spaces seem a bit larger. These can be accented later with throw-rugs or hand-painted floor coverings.
  • A hearth can really transform your space and turn it into a rustic cabin. Freshen up old fireplaces with colored stone or brick, and create a faux hearth for gas or electric stoves with peel-and-stick tiles.
  • Make sure to integrate a lot of different textures into your room’s theme. This includes upholstered pillows, thick throws, and patterned slip-covers for furniture items.

Imagine how comfy it could be in your home this winter when you give it a rustic makeover. Use Western decor and cabin accents to create an inviting space that you enjoy spending time in.

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