In this article we will explore the various new ways that black and white trend has entered our bathrooms and how to find the best option for yours. Be it timed, or just in a form of details, or a bold statement of your  style choices. So let’s start our black and white journey!

The Dot to Dot design 

This style lends itself to limitless design options , from simple interchangeable tiles, to creating fun shapes and using it to accent certain areas of the bathroom. For example, it is possible to frame a bathtub or a shower with either black or white coloured dots, while the rest of the floor is in the opposite colour. Also by putting one colour in the corners you can create a great visual effect. Finally, if you want to go for an edgier style, there is a new version of dot to dot design called X and O where you can literally do a tick-tac-toe version of your bathroom, with limitless variations. Most designers would go for metallic fixtures in combination with this particular design.

Dramatic Patterns

Another great bathroom style option is the combination of simple black and white tiles, either glazed or matted with a selection of patterned tiles also in the same colour scheme. These patterns can include anything from the lavish flower motives to crosshatch and chrome accented options. The one thing to keep in mind,  and any good Sydney plumber will confirm is to be careful where you place the patterned tiles, not only are they far more expensive, but also in case of some major works it will be very hard to refit them if you are unable to find the perfect match. So in order to avoid such issues, and still have a marvellous bathroom design, place this type of tiles in the areas where you have plumbing. As far as bathroom fixtures go, some consider black a better option, due to the endless pattern possibilities.

Some Final Tips

Having modern twist on the classic black and white bathroom design can certainly make you bathroom pop out as one of the most stylish rooms in the house. However, it is always important to keep in mind that temperance is key, adding some of the dot to dot styled tiles or pattern options as carefully placed key elements is often a far better option than covering the whole bathroom with this particular design. With strong, stylish pieces one should always be moderate in order to achieve the desired design. So let your imagination run free, and give that modern twist to a timeless classic.


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