Best Type of Fan to Cool a Room


‘Nautapa’, the nine days of extreme heat, are going on. How to deal with these warm days? A warm day can make anyone feel miserable due to sweating. But we do have a magical electrical equipment, a fan, to keep us cooler and feel more comfortable in days of heat.

Also, a fan is much cheaper than the air conditioning. Also, they provide a natural flow of air to make you stay cooler and to relieve you from the summer heat. But is there just one form of a cooling fan? Not really, now you have a number of fan types to choose from. So you can look for a fan that best matches your requirement to cool your room and make your summers less stressful with the cooling.

Here we bring you a list of some of the top rated cooling fans in the industry.

Gorilla Ceiling Fan

Atomberg’s Gorilla fan is an energy-saving fan which runs on a BLDC motor, this fan cools the room quickly, helps in power consumption and is pocket-friendly. It Runs 3 times longer on inverter resulting longer battery life and given consistent performance even at low voltage and power fluctuation. Here are some quite affordable cooling fans that can help you stay cooler for long and still fit in your budget.

3x Tower Fan

These days you can look for cooling tower fan that feature an advanced, passive noise reduction technology for super silent operation. At the same time the fan comes with 3 different speeds and 3 fans that can be controlled independently for better air management according to your personal needs. Yes, this is the kind of personalisation that the advancement in technology has brought our way. One such tower fan is the Ozeri 3x Tower Fan (44”).

Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan

This is a type of tower fan that comes with an art of hyper-thin oscillating fan. It takes up less space and comes with an LED illuminated control and two quite different speed settings. Even though it takes up very less space, the cooling it provides is good enough for any household. Try out the Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating fan, or the Ozeri Ultra 42 inch Adjustable Oscillating Tower fan. Even the Holmes 36 inch Oscillating Tower fan is a good choice that offers you 3 different speed settings to choose from.

Vornado 660

Vornado 660 is a fan that provides you three things – profile, power and smart design. The fan has a circular base stand that allows the fan to rotate on its X axis only and it provides a wide up-down movement, which is important. You get the ability to focus the flow of air to one particular direction like that of a laser. The fan comes with 3 deep pitch blades and comes with 4 different speed settings.

The Swan Desk fan

The stylish yet retro look desk fan comes in a range of funky colours. You can have a pedestal fan or a 12 inch desk fan that is quiet and effective. It supports 3 speed settings and is easy to adjust.

Challenge Chrome High Velocity Tilting Fan

This looks a bit different but is good. You don’t have to assemble it and it is very much ready to use as soon as it is unboxed. Switch it to any of the 3 speed settings that it supports. It can be tilted according to your requirements.

Dyson Pure Cool Link Tower

Doesn’t this portable cooler fan look damn stylish? This is a pretty cool, blade-free fan that makes absolutely no noise. It provides intelligent air purification by capturing 99.95% potentially harmful particles. And you can also control this fan with a smart phone app, that acts like a mini remote control in your hand.

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