Best Cabinet Refinishing Services in Marietta


Of all the rooms in your house, the kitchen might be the one that can bring you the most joy. Since you prepare your food there, you want it to feel clean and fresh so that anything you cook will feel the same way. If you are one of the people who tend not to prepare their food in the kitchen and make and tend to opt for the pre-packaged or fast-food option, then creating a beautiful space that you love to spend time in might be the first step toward creating a healthier lifestyle for yourself. French chefs even follow a principle known as mise en place which dictates that you should ensure your ingredients, tools, workspace, and mind are perfect before you even begin to cook. The tools and ingredients are up to you, but here is a list of services in your area that will help you revitalize your kitchen cabinets and provide you with the best cooking environment you could ask for and the clear, confident mind that comes along with it.

Happy Home Handyman and Remodeling LLC

This popular company offers countless home services which include cabinet refinishing along with plenty of other options for bringing out the best in your company. They are well-reviewed and praised for their dedication to getting the job done to their customers’ standards. The downside of working with such a large and diverse company is that they will not be as specialized as a smaller one that focuses specifically on cabinets, but if you need multiple projects done in addition to refinishing your cabinets then the convenience alone is probably worth it.

Control Painting Services

When looking for the top kitchen cabinet refinishing Marietta GA has to offer, a painting company is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. That said, it is often true that you can find the best things in the last place you would think to look. In addition to painting, the company offers several other services, including cabinet refinishing, and has received great reviews for all of these services.


This company’s name might be tricky to pronounce, but don’t let that dissuade you! Many of Fixt’s reviews specifically highlight how fast the company’s employees can work while still doing a great job. If you need your project done fast, this is probably the company for you.

Edje Construction Inc.

Continuing the trend of home service businesses with strangely-spelled names, Edje is a family-owned-and-operated company with a solid reputation. A particular perk of this company is that they are open to jobs of any size, and will happily come out to your home to complete even the smallest of projects.

Fillo Painting Contractor Inc

Again, you’ll have to get over the idea of contracting a painting company to refinish your cabinets, but you really can’t go wrong with Fillo. Reviews highlight that the company is very flexible and punctual with their scheduling, and even one middling review admitted they always showed up on time, so if you are busy and need a job done within a specific window then give them a call.

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