Best 5 Garage Door Lock options you can opt for!


The safety and security are the two most important concerns in every person’s lifespan. And if you are in the area of Tampa, Florida, then it becomes all the more important, to look after your locks. The harsh weather conditions in the area take out its toll on the locks. So, it’s advisable to be in consultation with a locksmith service, paying special attention to the garage locks.

Garage doors are a very important area that wants proper attention, but many house owners do not pay any attention on these equipment’s of safety. Generally house owners while purchasing their house are satisfied with any lock on their garage door. And this is the reason why illegal entries occur through garage doors.

So it’s a good time to analyze your lock if you have not given much attention to your garage door lock yet.

So your garage door lock should be one of the following 5 options which are given below:

1: Electronic Locks

These types of locks are not opened with keys; we have to use our fingerprints in order to open them. These types of locks can save many fingerprints so that multiple people can take the entry.

Electric operational locks are highly priced locks, but they also provide the maximum security level in garage door locks.

2: Keyless Digital Locks

These type of locks do not need any key they are controlled with the help of a keypad into which we have to enter the numeric password.

A lifetime warranty against the harm cost by invaders is given by many developers of keyless locks.

3: Deadbolts -Style Locks

Garage Door Deadbolts are of two types, one is single cylinder and another one is double cylinder.

The Door Deadbolts which are single cylinder uses a key to be handled from outside and are managed with a knob from inside. Whereas, in Double Cylinder Deadbolts, key is operated on both the sides of the door.

Usually many garage doors have spring-style lock which is much less secure than the Deadbolt locks.

4: T-Handle Locks

T-Handles Locks are handled with keys, though keys in these types of locks can be copied hardly as they are distinctively formed and this is the only reason which makes it hard for thieves to succeed in dealing with these types of doors.

5: Side-Mounted Door Bolts

These locks are type of deadbolt style locks which are mounted on the door track. Side-Mounted bolts cannot be operated from exterior of the garage door, even if we use specific advanced tools.

A side-mounted bolt is comparatively uncomplicated and cheaper .but it also offers good security in comparison to the money spent.

Florida Lock Doctor, a leading locksmith service in the Tampa region of Florida, tells us that knowing which locks to use when and where minimizes the chances of your lock fail and helps you protect against the robberies. And this fail safe program should start at your garage door locking systems, since your garage is the most prone to robbers area of your home.

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