Bed Bugs: 5 Alarming Signs Of An Infestation


Anyone can become infested with bed bugs. The discovery of bed bugs, which feed on human blood, is frightening. Despite the misconceptions about bed bugs, they are hitchhikers that don’t discriminate.

They depend on bags, secondhand furniture, and clothing to transport themselves from place to place. Although identifying early signs of bed bug infestations can be challenging, there are a few things you can do if you suspect your property has been infested.

Signs of bed bug infestation

Live Bed Bugs

Finding a live bed bug is the most evident indicator of bed bugs. These tiny insects are reddish-brown and about the size of a seed.

They can sometimes be mistaken for fleas and other tiny pests. If you spot a bedbug, you can try to catch it with a plastic bag. You’ll be able to exhibit a live sample to a pest control firm.

Bed Bug Bites

Bed bugs feed on the blood of their victims by biting them while they sleep. When bed bugs bite, small itching welts that mimic hives appear. Because everyone’s body is different, bites might have varied physical appearances and symptoms. It’s wise to hire a bed bug pest control specialist if you’re experiencing skin irritations and other warning signs of bed bugs in your home.

Spillages & Bloodstains

When bed bugs bite, most people aren’t aware of it–but they are aware of the consequences, such as bloodstains on their bedding. Furthermore, bed bugs excrete feces. You might be dealing with bed bug excrement if you detect small dark patches on your linens. While sleeping, feces might become smeared. Splatters on bed linen may be blood or droppings, but both indicate bed bug infestations.

Lay eggs or shed exoskeletons

During their lives, bed bugs shed their exoskeletons on bedsheets and other surfaces near their food sources. They are stationary, even though they’re smaller than adult bed bugs’ encasements, making them easier to detect.

If a female bed bug becomes an adult after maturing from a nymph, she starts laying eggs. Each female can lay anywhere from 3 to 8 eggs per week. Bed bug eggs resemble tiny orbs of creamy white.

Unusual Odors

While there’s a lot of confusion regarding whether bed bugs emit an odor. If you encounter strange musty odors, you may have other grounds for suspecting a bed bug infestation.

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