Be Safe by Hiring Expert Scaffolding Companies


If your company renovates properties or installs commercial windows, then you may have the occasional need for scaffolds for some projects. Scaffolds allow employees to safely work on the outside of buildings by providing a platform they can walk across and allowing them to have the necessary materials and tools nearby. However, regulations require that scaffolds be assembled by qualified personnel so you may need to hire scaffolding services for your projects.

Scaffolding Rules

Regulations in the UK require scaffolds to be assembled by trained personnel and inspected before and during their use. Some tower scaffolds can be several stories high when finishing newly constructed buildings or doing renovations of historical structures. If a scaffold is not assembled correctly, it not only endangers the lives of those working on it but can also endanger co-workers and the public if it were to suddenly collapse.

When a scaffold is assembled, all its components should be present and in good condition to ensure the safety of the structure. Once it is up, it will be inspected for safety and then inspected every seven days until it’s ready to be disassembled. It will also need to be inspected for safe use after strong storms, especially if the assembled tower has sustained some damage.

Available Add-Ons

Most Erith scaffolding erectors will also have other accessories to be used with scaffolds to make it easier and safer to complete projects. Chutes can be used to send debris quickly and safely to the ground so that workers do not need to carry it down manually. Hoists and lifts are available to move materials and tools to higher or lower platforms and there are also cradles available to reach heights unsafe for scaffolds.

If your company needs scaffolds for occasional projects, hire expert scaffolding companies to provide and assemble them for you.

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