Are You Mr Messy or Mr Clean?


If there is one area in which builders, widow installers or anyone working in house maintenance in general could improve themselves it is in tidiness. Everyone knows that with major construction work going on there is always going to be large amounts of dust around, it is unavoidable and even the most extreme client would accept that. But it is with smaller jobs where customer relations could be improved greatly just by a little extra care in cleaning up afterwards.

It seems that many, still to this day adopt an attitude of ‘not my problem,’ however whilst technically it may not be, there’s no harm in going that little extra mile and cleaning up after yourself – if nothing else, it’s a nice gesture and it WILL be remembered!

In fact, not only could it improve your relationships with existing customers, it could also gain you new ones. Just imagine how good it would make you sound if instead of being the builder everyone grumbled about you were the one everyone praised. People would come flocking, your phone might never stop ringing! Isn’t that what we all dream about?


But one thing we mustn’t do is use the customers own vacuum cleaner…ever! It’s an unspoken rule and one which you need to understand. We can’t stress how important it is; if only to rid you from the embarrassment of going and asking to use it.

Houseproud people take great pride in their vacuum cleaners and often spend hundreds of pounds in getting the latest, fanciest models and the last thing they want is for it to be filled with sawdust and general builders rubble. They really won’t want you to use it so save yourself the bother and don’t ask … get your own!


An industrial vacuum cleaner needn’t cost a fortune and could soon pay for itself in increased and repeat business. A well known model is the Numatic Henry. Its compact size and light weight of only 7.2kg means it won’t take up too much room in the van and for light jobs is the ideal tool.

For site use The Henry is also available as a 110volt model. These are industrial models of the household Henry but with a 12.5 metre long cable. It also doubles up as a power tool dust extraction unit for use in the workshop. At only £109.00 + vat from Orbital Fasteners it isn’t too much of an outlay. Replacement bags are only £5.99 + vat for 10.

This could be one of the most cost effective tools in your toolkit and as the cleanest builder in town it could have customers queuing up to use you. It really won’t cost you a fortune but in terms of the overall impression it can give off and the hassle it will save you, it’s worth every penny – trust us!

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