Aluminium as a Design Material


When you think of aluminium, you probably think of industrial uses or outdoor uses. Aluminium is very popular for bicycles, vehicles, and outdoor furniture. That’s because it is corrosion-resistant, rust-proof, and lightweight. It doesn’t rust, because it does not contain iron and it resists corrosion, because it does not react readily with most elements. Because of this, it has become a very popular outdoor building material. It is also popular for vehicles for the same reasons, as well as its lightweight nature. It is much lighter than other metals while remaining as strong. Aluminium is also a great indoor material, though. Here are a few ways that it has become ever more popular over the years.

Aluminium Windows

Windows have historically been made from wood or some kind of polymer, such as vinyl. While these are perfectly fine materials, they have serious drawbacks. Wood tends to swell and contract as the temperature and humidity changes. Also, wood tends to absorb water that causes it to swell and eventually decay. Wood, as an organic material, is very susceptible to Thai weather.

Thailand, a subtropical climate, is very hot and very humid. The rainy season is enough to severely damage a wooden window frame. That’s why many Thai businesses and homeowners prefer an aluminium profile for their windows. Tostem is one of the most trusted suppliers of these windows. In addition to windows, aluminium is very useful for doors.

Aluminium Doors

Doors made from aluminium are very popular in Thailand. As with the windows, aluminium doors are constantly battered by the weather in the country. The constant raining and high humidity tend to swell wood and warp PVC. Wood absorbs moisture which will cause it to warp and to eventually grow mould and mildew. Even if you paint a wooden door, the paint will eventually degrade in the intense weather. That’s why Tostem offers so many metal doors.

Aluminium is perfect for the harsh weather in Thailand, because aluminium does not rust or corrode. Any metal containing iron rusts in the presence of water. Aluminium, however, does not. That makes it ideal for tropical and subtropical environments. Also, aluminium is a very lightweight material. That makes it great for a door. Very heavy doors are sometimes difficult to open and to fully shut. If you want to replace your door, you want to be able to easily carry it with minimal help. A heavy wooden or steel door is too heavy for most people, which means you’ll have to hire movers to help you.

If you’re looking for a new door to provide you with security for a long time to come, you should consider aluminium.

You might not think much about your doors, but you should consider what kind of material you choose for your door. If you want a material that does not rust, does not corrode, does not swell or contract, a non-ferrous metal is your best bet. The same features that make it great for a door, make aluminium great for a window frame, as well.

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