Add Beauty and Protection with a Balustrade


To understand just how a balustrade can enhance the appearance of a particular space, it may help to get some idea of what this architectural structure was meant to do when first used. A baluster is one spindle or stair stick. When several are used in a row and are topped by a railing, you have a balustrade. One of the earliest uses of the baluster was to have a row of ornate columns topped by a marble rail. This was sometimes done to separate royalty from the general population.

There are many different balustrade designs, using a variety of material. In France and Italy, the row is made up of columns, some resembling candlesticks or other shapes. In recent years, new and exciting ideas have changed the traditional look of the balustrade, with manufacturers and designers calling for stainless steel and glass to be used on balconies and other areas.

Excellence Inside and Out

Perhaps the primary benefit of using glass is gaining the protection you desire while keeping the view relatively unobstructed. Some structures of this type use shining stainless steel and the best quality glass panels to create something both unique and useful. For those with an eye for an additional touch, the glass can be frosted or opaque.

There is a limit to the available width of the individual panels, for reasons having to do with weight, safety and structural integrity. When you are searching for the best in glass balustrading, be sure to talk with someone who has extensive experience with this product and this type of installation. With a bit of early planning, you, your family and your guests will be protected. But you will also be proud of the way this addition looks in your home.

Choice of Styles

While there are some limits to the size of glass panels, homeowners have a choice of designs for their balustrade. Suppliers make a square, steel post and glass panel model, as well as tubular posts of stainless steel. The company with experience in this field may also offer custom work based on your design. Be sure to ask about this special service from the supplier you choose.

Some property owners have selected this type of balustrade for a walkout balcony or patio. Suppliers will work with you to select steel or wood floor materials to make your outdoor balcony or patio beautiful, practical, and very safe.

Consider as well the use of a balustrade to separate a specific area of the room or outdoor space from the remaining area, as was the case in some of the earliest uses. This is another service a professional consultant can help with. Be sure to ask what is included in the price quoted. Most top suppliers include necessary hardware as part of the price. Delivery and taxes are often an additional amount. Have a plan and then buy from the best. You will be glad you did.

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