Add a Pop of Colour for a Ton of Fun in Your Home


The décor of your home is something that you see everyday and becomes a comfort over time, but it is also something that we can get bored with after a couple of years. No one has the money to completely re-decorate their home every year, but adding nice and new touches along the way is the perfect solution to brighten up a roof and brighten up your day. Instead of going for the traditional can of paint this time, maybe it would be more fitting to step out of your comfort zone and go for a more unique material such as glass.

It may seem like a strange option, but think of the many benefits of the material itself. It is something you are adding over existing designs and work, so you won’t have to do much to install it or prep for its arrival. Also, glass has everything to do with bringing light into your home, which is something that will make your space feel spacious and new. Lastly, coloured glass laid into patterns and shapes will become its own art piece in your home, adding an elegance and polish that wasn’t there before.

What Makes Glass Unique?

Even when you just have a plain piece of glass, it can be an exquisite specimen. Glass can come in all different shades and styles, and you can always be sure that it will catch the light and add the perfect ambiance to any setting. Especially when you are picking patterned glass, like in a backsplash, it can become the most unique piece in the room because you get to pick out the colours, the pattern, and the placement so that it accents your particular style.

Another reason glass is a great addition is that it is not cumbersome in a design. When you start researching kitchen splashbacks in Perth, you will see that as it sits over your existing counters, it will add a sense of lightness. It looks especially gorgeous when set over dark granite, or under heavy toned wood.

What Pricing Looks Like for Glass Fixtures

You would think with all of the small glass pieces that go into a backsplash that glass prices would add up, but the cost is entirely up to your taste. The glass you choose comes from two separate categories: float glass, which has a greenish tinge and is less expensive, and starphire glass, which is a little more expensive and almost completely clear. Being able to choose one option over the other gives you the power of sticking to your budget, while also having plenty of variations in either category.

Don’t get bored by your home décor; get excited, and introduce some glass into your design today.

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