Adapting Your Home to Improve Accessibility


If you are thinking about renovating your home to make it more accessible for a disabled individual, there are plenty of ways to build an affordable extension or add new features.

Meet with an Architectural Consultant

The first thing you should do is contact an architectural consultant who specialises in home adaptation projects. If your property is in the West Midlands, and you need information on quality disabled adaption plans in Sandwell, there are several first-class companies in the area. When choosing a consultant, it is advisable to look for certain qualities that make that company stand out from the competition.

  • Have they at least 10 years’ experience modifying and altering homes?
  • Do they specialise in disabled adaptations?
  • Have they a good reputation within the community?
  • Are they reasonably priced?
  • Do they provide a free initial consultation?


If you need support with daily living, you can apply to be assessed by your local council. Once you’re recognised as a special needs individual, you can then apply for a grant for minor or major adaptations. The amount of funding you are awarded depends on the type of adaptation.

  • Minor – Your local authority can provide you with disability equipment and small adaptations costing less than £1,000.
  • Major – If you need a major extension such as a ground floor toilet, you can apply for a Disabled Facilities Grant, the maximum amount awarded is £30,000.

By choosing an architectural advisor to help with your project, you get expert design and planning, plus assistance with applying for a grant.

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