Accompanying equipment with your shower curtains for the perfect home decor


Home decor needs very thorough observation. A decorator needs to observe each little aspect very minutely. For example, you can’t expect perfection simply by hanging any arbitrary shower curtain. It is important to combine it with right piece of equipment as well. These little added effects take the beauty level of the rooms to an altogether different high. On this context, given below are some of the best ideas of equipment to combine with your shower curtains.

A nice combination of metallic accessories:

Metallic accessories are always the best recommendations to combine with your shower curtains decoration ideas. A small enclosed rack with an accompanying sitting stool would be the best recommendation in this regard. You can keep small metallic products, like a show case, a small tissue box, etc, for a better look. It would be even fantastic if there remains a wall by its side. You can set up a mirror there. For the flawless combination, it is recommended to set-up the mirror with metallic border.

Having a small cloth basket and a mini mirror set by side:

Home decor in modern times is much smarter than ever. Similar smartness should also be shown while choosing the right set of equipment to combine with your shower curtains. For example, one would love to take a look on his/her own. Hence setting up a mini dressing table would be a smarter idea. It can be useful, and would make things look beautiful as well. A small box to randomly put the wet clothes would be even smarter.

Having small flower pot at the side:

Having a small flower pot adjacent to the wall at the ends of the shower curtains can be appealing. This is a traditional décor idea, but can be tried in contemporary times as well. However, the curtains of lighter color or of simpler color combinations are preferable for such ideas, over those bold types. To be specific, this can be a fantastic recommendation if the bathroom is comparatively larger in comparison with the conventional ones.

A hanging lamp:

If you love the royal home décor ideas, and want the same strategy for your bathrooms as well, this would be a fine recommendation for you. A hanging lamp from the top, at the entrance end, in front of your shower curtains would add that crucial regal appeal you love. To make things perfect, the best recommendation would be to hang the lamp through a golden colored chain, rather than the simple metal chains. Lighter colors like grey or white for your shower curtains would be the best recommendation.

Black hanging bars:

Days are gone when people were repeating any one between a metallic hanging bar and a plastic hanging bar to hang the curtain. Modern people want everything to be absolutely stylish; which is absolutely applied for the bars meant for hanging the curtains as well. These bars are being colored in accordance with the color of the shower curtains. For example, a black bar would indeed combine well with a white shower curtains.


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