A Small House Owner’s Best Kept Secrets


The general consensus of having a small house is that it can sometimes be the bane of your life as you are limited by space with what you can do to the interior design of it. But there is actually no need to dampen down your creativity in the home because of the size, in fact you can use these top tips to your advantage and still create a beautiful home.

Make open spaces

One of the most effective ways of making your home feel more spacious is by decluttering the stuff you don’t need in order to make more open spaces. This can be done in a variety of ways and open spaces can often appear in places you had never imagined! A great tip to open up your home is to remove some of the doors between each room, sometimes there is no need for doors and for example, often living spaces and dining rooms can merge together to become one bigger and better space! There are also lots of other door materials to choose from such as glass which will make your rooms feel more open too. Another new way of opening your doors up without totally removing them is using different hinges, there are now hinges like parliament hinges which allows doors to open up 180 degrees past any obstructions like skirting boards.

You can also create openness by getting furniture pieces that have exposed legs so that the flooring doesn’t get hidden and you can see how the floors flow through the rooms. Neutral furniture and wall colours also blend well with a room and make it seem bigger. Over all creating this kind of openness can make your home feel so much brighter and more welcoming.

Bright light colours

Choosing the right colours for your home is the basis for your home, it can be quite daunting when looking at a colour chart and having to decide which one to pick from the million shades of the same colours. As a rule of thumb – bright, light and neutral colours reflect light the best and make your rooms appear larger; and when you combine these colours with different textures it can really add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your interior.

Continuing themes

When you are limited by space in your home, it’s a good idea to decide on a theme for your interior design to base itself on. There are many inspiring themes to choose from such as modern and contemporary or art deco and these can influence every feature in your home to create the illusion that your rooms are larger as they all mirror each other.

Amplify with lighting

Lighting is a powerful tool to employ when trying to make your rooms feel more enlarged, good lighting can really make a huge difference! From chandeliers to more obvious minimalist ceiling lights there is a huge variety to choose from, there are even purpose made lights you can buy for making a room appear larger. For example, using uplighters will bounce light onto the ceilings and walls and will brilliant brighten up your room. Or instead you could create panels of light at one end of the room and this will draw people’s attention to it and make the room appear longer.

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