A List of Top Bathroom Trends You Should Know About


The bathroom is an essential part of the home – arguably equally important as the kitchen and the bedroom. It’s a place where one can perform their necessities in private, but more and more it has become much more than that – it has become a place to relax, to compose oneself before a working day, or to unwind when the duties of the day are done and the evening approaches. It’s a place where troubles are washed away. If you’re thinking about installing a new bathroom or redesigning an old one, there are some trends that are getting a lot of attention currently. Here’s a list of top bathroom trends you should know about.

Keeping it simple

The new trend is all about simplicity – this does not mean that there aren’t any new technological innovations, or that the bathroom is completely bare. It means that the bathroom is designed to be simple regarding the lines and colours, and that there are many practical elements that provide for easy use and give the impression of lots of space. Everything will be understated and only a few items will attract special attention.

Industrial components

Metal and timber tend to show up more in modern bathrooms – these industrial accents not only add to the clean aesthetics of the bathroom, but also make the bathroom much easier to maintain. It looks cool and more linear, with plants and flowers adding more femininity for those who wish it.


Steam showers and anti-fog mirrors are seen to be on the rise. So are other technological innovations such as different forms of heating, ventilation, and lighting.

The home spa

The bathroom is no longer a space where only practical functions are performed – often the bathroom is regarded as a sanctuary where one can relax in peace.Hence,freestanding baths,spa body showers, and other luxury items are becoming more and more commonplace.

Feature lighting

Lighting will continue to become more and more important – not just to add lighting itself, but also to create a different atmosphere and to make the bathroom more energy efficient. The lighting will be tailored according to the needs of the user, and adjustable.

Here are two more trends that we see becoming more and more popular in the years to come: it’s all about stone and handy basins. Natural stones (such as marble) and their manufactured equivalents (such as quartz countertops) continue to grace bathrooms due to their easy maintenance and timeless beauty. Also, undermount basins and trough sinks continue to be on the rise on the popularity scale. It’s all about style, beauty, and easy living. If you’re thinking about creating a new bathroom, keep these trends in mind – it’s about mixing timeless classics with new and modern technology.

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