A Guide to Mature Tree Care


If you have a few mature trees on your property, they require the same level of care as younger trees, and, of course, there will come a day when they have to be removed. It is important to keep your eye on large trees, as big boughs can become damaged or diseased, and that is a lot of weight that could cause the section to break off.

Table of Contents

Proper Pruning

Pruning mature trees is necessary, and here are a few aspects to bear in mind:

  1. Prune in the Spring or Autumn – These are the best times to carry out pruning, and should you prefer a professional to do this, talk to your local tree surgeon in Cheltenham, who would be happy to oblige.
  2. Look for Dead Branches – These should be removed before they cause any damage, and a strong wind could cause a heavy section of the tree to break away, and that would be very dangerous, to both people and property.
  3. Shaping Trees – When pruning, make sure that you shape the tree to be in proportion to its surroundings. Avoid cutting too many branches off, as this might result in an unhealthy tree.
  4. Watch Out for Overhead Cables – Telephone wires and Internet cables might run nearby, and make sure that you remove any branches that might compromise overhead cables.

It is advisable to ask a tree surgeon to take a look at your large trees once a year, which will greatly reduce the risk of property damage, and with healthy trees, you can enjoy many years of effective shading.

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