A Guide to Choosing the Best Floor Tiles


Whether you are replacing the flooring of your old home or gettingflooring for your new home, choosing the best floor tiles that suit your home and needs is never an easy task. With many options available in the market today, you might encounter varying degrees of problems when choosing the best floor tiles.

Check out the guide below that simplifies your search for the best floor tiles:

Consider the type of floor tiles available

There are various types of floor tiles available; however, each has its cons and pros. Before proceeding to choose any floor tiles, you should educate yourself on the types and benefits of floor tiles available and compare these to your needs. Unless a type of floor tile suits your needs, do not purchase it.

A few of the types of floor tiles available are:

· Porcelain tiles

Known to be more textured than many other types of floor tiles, porcelain tiles offer great durability that is unmatched. Also referred to as vitrified tiles, porcelain tiles are commonly used in outdoor venues due to their ability to withstand heavy traffic. They are also sometimes used for domestic floors.

· Ceramic tiles

These tiles are characterized by an aesthetically glazed surface with a superb base. Due to the effect of their glazed surface, ceramic tiles provide more diversity regarding colors. Hence, they give a more beautiful appearance than the other types of tiles available. However, they lack the durability and strength offered by porcelain tiles and natural stones; hence, they are not one of the favorites for floors. However, if you are in need of the best floor tiles for indoor rooms that will only witness low traffic, they are suitable.Ceramic tiles are more affordable than porcelain tiles.

· Natural stones

Tiles made with natural stones are not only beautiful, but they are also durable and extremely convenient for use in homes and commercial venues. These tiles are usually in the form of limestone, marble, and granite. Despite their expensiveness, tiles made with natural stones are some of the best floor tiles.

The color of the floor tile

Since your floor tile is not a stand-alone item in your room or commercial venue, the need for you to choose the best floor tiles that match the color scheme of the room can never be overemphasized. From your wall paints to cupboards, and other items found in the room, there must be a form of agreement between your floor tile and the room in which they are going to be installed. Some of the things to consider when choosing the color of the floor tile include the amount of natural light coming into the room, thecolor scheme of the room, and the kinds of activities the room will be usedfor.

Overall, you should also pay attention to wear rating of the floor tile you want to choose to avoid choosing a tile that will not last you for a long time. To make abetter decision on the best floor tiles to choose, cleaning of your tiles, and many other things, visit www.whitecreektile.com to read more about flooring.

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