A Few Different Driveway Options


If you are looking to remodel or revitalise your driveway or parking lot, you need to get in touch with paving professionals. There are several different options for how you would like your driveway to look and to act. If you want something simple, concrete or asphalt are definitely ways that you can go. Those are reliable and simple ways to pave a driveway. However, there are many diverse options outside of those options and within them as well.

Driveway Options

When you are looking for trusted driveway services in Kingsbridge, you need to look for diverse offerings.

  • Block paving is a method of using blocks of stone to form a stable surface. In many cases, they are cemented to the foundation of the driveway; in others, they are fitted together tightly and not affixed.
  • You can also use natural stone to create a driveway. They can be bound together by resin that is flexible and drains or they can be bound by asphalt to make cobblestone. These are both popular options.
  • Tar and chip driveways are driveways that are made from asphalt with small bits of stone scattered throughout. That creates a compelling look and also increases your traction.

Which One?

Choosing a driveway option is sometimes difficult. Block paving is fast and reliable; it can also be repaired very easily. You just need to replace damaged blocks. Asphalt and concrete are simple and affordable. Natural stone is one of the most unique and compelling driveway options. Tar and chip requires a little more time than just asphalt but it is very durable.

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