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A comprehensive guide in various stone tiles flooring

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Natural stone is always in demand among the home makers, whether you are using the natural stone flooring in your apartments or it is in your old house, the stone flooring really make a huge difference in the appearance of the room. This stone flooring is truly elegant in design and Style. Among all natural stone variety, the travertine is gaining importance in these days. These stones are made with the help of the minerals after dissolving in the water and they are moved naturally with the help of the springs. They are found in blocks but they are cut in desired shapes according to the requirements of the customers.

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The view of the Travertine tile in every house is one of the common things that you can see in all the modern houses. This natural stone variety is used in the houses at the countertops, backsplashes, and countertops and so on. This tile variety comes in various color and styles; you can purchase depending on the requirements. This tile variety is has various color options like reddish brown, ivory, gold and beige. These are of some of the travertine tiles depending how much iron is present in it. The textures of this item that are available in the markets are brushed, tumbled, polished and so on. The options do not end her. Most of the home decorators always prefer this tile as flooring or the counter top. The polished travertine tiles look exactly like the polished marble tiles but comparatively a lower price. The brushed and the tumbled varieties of the travertine give an antique look to the room. One of the greatest advantages of using travertine is that it is very easy cutting and they can be brought to any shape and size according to the requirements.

Apart from the above features, the travertine tiles are easy to install on the floors. They do not require any replacement of the existing porcelain tiles. The travertine tiles fit in the smooth manner. They are more durable as compared to other stone tiles. Thus, if you want to enhance the look of the house, you can definitely use this tile.

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