A Brief Guide to Buying Battens for Your House


Protecting your residence is your responsibility. As the homeowner, there are many important things that you can do in order to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your property. Many trespassers and thieves generally target homes that don’t have appropriate security measures. To protect your home and keep your family safe, consider having security systems installed on the windows and the doors in order to detect movement when you are not home or fast asleep.

Apart from security alarms, you should consider purchasing a CCTV camera system for your house or apartment. This will help you monitor the people who come in and go, making it easy for you to detect potential threats. Outside of electronic safety measures, one of the safest and most cost-effective methods of protecting yourself is to get battens installed on the windows. A batten (ระแนง) is basically a grill that can be installed over the windows. If your house overlooks a main street and the windows offer an easy point of access, the batten will prevent thieves and burglars from breaking in through the window. Before you buy, there are many important things that you should know when buying battens.


The most common material used for making battens is aluminum. Aluminum is quite sturdy and resilient, making it an excellent choice for constructing a security fixture. Another reason why aluminum is a wise choice is because it is resistant to corrosion. Since the grille will be installed outdoors, it’s important for you to weatherproof it. Aluminum resists rusting, and is unaffected by rain or any other weather conditions, thus making it an excellent choice for the long term.


The dimensions of the grill also play an important role. It’s vitally important for you to make sure that you choose the dimensions carefully based on the size of your window. A bigger grille that won’t property fit on the window can actually ruin the cohesive appearance of your place. You can place an order if you already know the dimensions of your windows.

However, if you are doubtful, it would be best to call in the installation company for measurements. The company will check the measurements for each window before giving you a fixed price quote that also includes the price of installation. You should ideally purchase battens for each external window on your property. Companies such as Alnex Thailand will visit your property and take down the dimensions accurately to give you a best price quote.


Most battens don’t require any sort of maintenance after they have been installed. However, after a couple of years, you might notice that the paint will peel off, and the rods will begin to show signs of oxidation. When this happens, it’s best for you to purchase an antioxidant solution and spray it on the battens. You can also call in a professional company such as Alnex Thailand to apply the solution and repaint the grills for you. These grills are unlikely to break or become damaged, so you can rest assured that they will keep your home secure.

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