8 Space Management Techniques for a Cluttered Home


Storage space can become limited and cause frustrations in your home. Congested home results in stress because you always feel like a prisoner in your home. Without proper space management, personal belongings can create a chaotic environment.

Is storage a precious commodity in your home? If so, here are some space management techniques you need to try yourself.

Declutter Your Home

If your space feels congested, you probably have stuff lying in the wrong places. Some of this stuff needs a bit of cleaning or proper storage. Other things need to be purged.

Decluttering your home helps you realize what’s causing the lack of space. The best way to reduce clutter is to go room by room and categorize every item lying around. Have clear bins labeled for things you want to put away, recycle, trash or donate.

The box of things you want to put away is essential because it contains items you placed in the wrong room or place. You have to return the items in this bin to their respective storage place. Take this time to make sure everything has it’s own spot in your home.

Let Go of the Things You Don’t Need

A crucial part of space management is getting rid of the stuff you don’t need. This is also the time you need to let go of the things you’re hesitant to give out or toss away.

Go through your stuff to see the easiest thing to get rid of. Try the Marie Kondo method when you go through your items to beat clutter. This basically encourages you to see if the item “sparks joy” or not.

Critique every item like this if you’re having trouble giving things away. If the item does not bring you joy anymore, get rid of it.

Avoid procrastinating on what to toss away unless it’s some memorabilia. If you put off the decision, you’re likely to make the same conclusion in the future. So, save your time by being decisive the first time.

Use Loft Stackable Containers

You’re likely to remain in a crowded space after you declutter your home. You may still have bins of valuable items around or you didn’t toss away many things. You have to figure out where you will store these items to stay organized.

That’s where you consider other storage options. Your loft or attic is one of the options you can maximize to boost storage space. Instaloft.co.uk recommends stackable plastic containers to get more out of your loft. You can label these boxes to ensure you don’t waste time when retrieving items.

Loft boxes or stackable containers help reduce clutter in your home as well as in the loft spaces. Your belongings stay organized and are also free from damage or dust.

Loft Boarding and Shelving for Better Storage Space

Utilizing your loft area in the right way can help you beat clutter and use storage space to its full potential. Your loft may have vast untapped space. With a small investment, you can turn it into your favorite store.

The first thing to do even before stacking your containers is to put in place loft boards. Loft boarding provides a cost-effective way to make the space withstand large items.

Loft boards boost floor space by 50% and allow you extra room to help reduce clutter. You can maximize the space further by using stackable containers.

If your storage space is still not enough, add loft shelving. That way, you can organize the storage better and make it safer. You will reduce the risk of overloading the floor space or damaging some of your belongings.

Convert Walls and Corners into Storage

Most people think about better space management without giving thought to walls and corners. You can optimize wall space to amplify your storage space. You can also turn a dull corner into an exciting storage space.

An L-shaped bookshelf in the corner can allow for the storage of scattered books. Lighted floating corner shelves can be an excellent addition to stow a range of staff.

Another space management trick is to create shelves that run from the ceilings to floors. You can set these shelves in your living or bedroom to increase storage space. Please be sure you anchor them well to prevent them from toppling.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture to Save Space

Multipurpose furniture is one exciting space management technique in tiny spaced homes. If you have a piece of this furniture, you can use it for many purposes in your home.

Some multipurpose furniture can serve as a cabinet, bed, sofa and study table. You can convert a couch into a bed and host a friend when you don’t have an extra room. A bed can transform into a neat cabinet and create the illusion of space during the day.

There are many types of multipurpose furniture. What you pick depends on your space needs and how you want to declutter your home.

Get More Out of Bed Space

Beds usually consume lots of space. What you may not know is that you convert this space into extra storage.

A great way to start is to install footboards that act as storage space instead of the traditional ones. This can help reduce clutter from books, clothes, bedding, and towels.

Attach wooden storage or shelves under the bed to increase your storage options. Under-bed shelves allow you to reduce clutter without altering your room’s aesthetics.

You can also maximize bed space by using hoisted cabinet beds. These beds come with cast integrated storage. They can also be handy when you’re short of cabinet storage space.

Create Organizational Systems and Routines

Adding storage spaces and decluttering doesn’t necessarily help you stay organized. Staying organized is much of a long-term commitment. You have to prevent clutter from building up again once you reduce it.

Try these simple methods:

  • Install hooks in entryways for handbags and bags
  • Create pantry and fridge organization rules
  • Create a friendly laundry system
  • Use budgets and be a conscious buyer to avoid buying things you don’t need
  • Donate more often to prevent a pile of items you don’t use
  • Have a daily, weekly and monthly cleaning and decluttering plan
  • Get everyone on board to ensure no one pulls you back

For long-term success in space management, think about creating organizational routines and systems. Identify the spots you gravitate to with new clutter and find ways of addressing the problem.

Which Space Management Technique Do You Prefer?

Space management can be a challenge when you don’t know where to get started. But that doesn’t mean you shelve it. The sooner you declutter your home, the better.

Try these tips to start. For more advice on home improvement, check out the rest of our blog.

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