7 Tips for Cleaning Area Rugs


Cleaning area rugs can be a daunting task. They tend to get dirty easily owing to prolonged exposure and footfall. It may seem like rugs require constant attention and are high maintenance, but with a few handy tips for cleaning area rugs, they will seem like no hassle at all.


There is no shortcut to this step. Frequent vacuuming is the only way to ensure that your rug remains clean, dry and tidy. They remove crumbs that are stuck to the surface of the rug and other dust particle.

Brush out pet hair:

Pet hair may often not be visible to the naked eye but they accumulate over time to make your rugs dirty. Since pet hair tends to be so fine, they get lodged in the fabric of the rug and may stay there unless combed out. Therefore it is important to brush out pet hair from time to time. This may seem a little hassling at first but will prove to be effective in the long run.

Turn rugs every year:

Rugs may get discolored owing to prolonged exposure to the sun. Frequent footfall may also cause depressions to occur on the surface. The best solution to this is to turn them over every year. This keeps the rugs from fading, and also stops all the pressure from being concentrated on one spot.

Shake small rugs:

Shaking small rugs must be part of your daily cleaning routine. Shaking them out is the best way to get loose dust particles out without even embarking on an intense cleaning ritual. Dead bugs, leaves, or other dry particles that may be lodged in your rug come out easily this way.

Checking for stains:

Ketchup, juice, coffee, paint, etc. tend to stain rugs easily. The best way to tackle this problem is to clean stains before they set in. wet stains are easier to scrub off than dry stains. Therefore cleaning a rug before the stain dries is essential.

Understanding the weave:

Different rugs are made differently and their maintenance would therefore entail different approaches. Some rugs are fluffy, some are flat, some have a bristled surface and some have a braided exterior. Different surfaces react to stains differently. For example, a closely knit rug would require liquid detergent for cleaning, whereas a rug with a bristled exterior would require more brushing than washing. Understanding textures goes a long way in keeping your rug clean.

Getting professional help:

Every once in a while, it is essential to invest in a professional cleaning service. These experts come armed with chemical solutions that clean the toughest of stains without damaging your rug. They will leave your carpet spanking clean and even give you industry trade secrets and tips for future reference.

Cleaning your rug is important not only for keeping your home clean, but also hygienic. Wet rugs attract germ infestations and can cause diseases. They often lead to toe or foot infections and can cause odor as well. Keeping your rug clean is a crucial step towards keeping your home clean.

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