7 Inexpensive and Simple Ways of Sprucing Your Home


Who doesn’t like a neat, clean, tidy and beautiful home, right? But for majority of people, problem lies in the cost of sprucing up their homes. Even if some of them try DIYing, they soon realise that managing time for updating and uplifting their homes is not as easy as they were expecting. However, there’s one thing that can change the fate of people looking for some worthy inexpensive ideas to decorate their homes, i.e. expert advice. Lucky for you, we are here with these ‘7 Inexpensive and Simple Ways of Sprucing Your Home’, making sure that your home gets the best treatment without spending much.

Sprucing Your Home

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1 Let the lighting amp up the ambiance of a room

To your surprise, lighting alone can make or break the ambiance of a room. With appropriate lighting theme and fixtures (which don’t cost too much either!), you will be able to incorporate your desired type of setting in a room, i.e. romantic, soothing, energising, etc. Make sure you resort to lower-wattage bulbs, as they won’t cost you much. Moreover, you can exploit the architectural elements of the room to your benefit; for example, you can place a large mirror across the big window in a room, which will help you reflect outside light through the room along with outside view.

2 The greener the better!

Greenery is not only vital for the environment of the world that we live in, but it can also be as beneficial for us in our homes. Greenery in a room simply sets it alive and energising. Whether it’s flowers or simple green foliage, your room becomes beautiful and natural at the same time. In fact, green foliage remains alive for significantly more time than flowers and the look and feel of a single leaf has more striking effect somehow. Moreover, it has more of a modern appeal to it than floral decoration. If you want more greenery, kitchen can be the right place, where you can conveniently and effectively raise a small herb garden on your windowsill. Plus, that will add extra taste to your foods as well!

3 Paint job

Paint job is another way to beautify your home without spending much. Tweaking with paint in different areas of your home can give interior a new face and new look altogether. If you still find painting a whole room too much of a task financially as well as physically, simply introduce a feature wall to reap the benefits of a truly economical paint job.

4 Flooring

To get the best out of your home decor, floors also needs as much of your attention as the walls. Depending upon the time and money you have, changing the surface with something new and contemporary is always a welcome change. However, area rugs can give you a quick fix solution to improve the interior of your home.

5 Storage …….. lots of it!

Majority of people live in small homes and apartments nowadays, where storage solutions not only add to the aspects of convenience and practicality, but adornment as well. A cluttered home can never look and feel beautiful, which is what makes striving for better yet cost-effective storage solutions so significant, and living in small spaces means building up or building under, i.e. vertical storage solutions. If you talk about bedrooms, l shaped bunk beds by HomeArena are great, because they help you exploit the most of tricky corners’ space where other fails to work well. And you might consider using sofa beds with storage in living room instead of conventional sofas, so that they can be used as beds when needed, also helping you hide away your clutter in the storage compartment they have.

6 Window treatment

Window treatment is yet another unbelievably simple and inexpensive way of uplifting the interior of any room in a home. Simply add window treatment if it’s missing in a room or consider replacing the old one by choosing something new and contemporary. It won’t consume much of your time or financial resources, while adding a welcome crisp to your interior decor.

7 Resort to simple fixes first and then consider replacing

A little effort can help you save a lot; instead of getting rid of what you already have, ponder on ways to fix it, rather than spending money on something else to replace it. For example, applying olive oil through the surface of your leather furniture can bring it back to life. Similarly, a little spray paint and fabric upholstery can make your kitchen chairs look like new. If you want to get rid of the scratches on your wooden floor and wooden furniture, rub them with an almond.


Sometimes, simplest ways are the best ones. Hopefully, these simple and inexpensive ways can help you spruce up your home interior the way you always wanted.

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