6 Quick Bathroom Decoration Ideas


Nobody likes to walk into a dated bathroom that looks repulsive because of its dull atmosphere. A bathroom should be a relaxing and refreshing place where we can shake off our fatigue and regain energy and strength while taking a shower after day’s work.

Bathroom renovation and makeovers are costly. However, if your budget is running short, follow these inexpensive, quick design ideas. They will uplift the face of your bathroom without forcing you to spend big bucks.

Ceiling Lights

 by Douglas Schotland Architect

 Ceiling design is an important part of the decoration of any place, and bathroom ceiling is not an exception. Replacing the outdated lighting fixtures with new ones is a quick upgrade trick. Right light fixtures, if paired with the right colors, can affect the mood in a great way. They can also make a bathroom look fresher and larger.

Hanging pendants and light bars are the trends of bathroom lighting. Nevertheless, you can instantly change the entire atmosphere by bringing an architectural piece of lighting. Install a small chandelier or a big pendant that looks exotic, something like a piece of art. It will uplift the look of your bathroom and make the ceiling so attractive that everyone will love to keep looking upwards!

 Do a Paint Job

 by Gast Architects

The next inexpensive but quick upgrade idea is painting. If you don’t have the budget to paint the entire bathroom, apply it on some selected areas such as the door, ceiling, cabinets, or on an accent wall. In fact, painting these particular areas with a different shade will create visual interest.

However, don’t forget to add an additive to the paint to save your bathroom from mildewing.

 Change the Textiles

 by Kitchens of Los Gatos

Changing the fabrics and textiles also give your bathroom a brand-new look. Donate or throw away the old shower curtains, towels, and floor mats that look incongruous to the updated look of the place. Purchase new items and try to keep a common accent color or pattern to give the place a modern design touch.

 Fill the Walls with Artwork

 by Wheeler Kearns Architects

No more unadorned walls in the bathroom! A great piece of painting or a few pieces of decorative items grouped together in a gallery style can really uplift a plain, uninspired wall. Go for water-resistant canvas paints that can survive in a humid place. You can also use an oversized painting for creating a visual impact. Another good idea is to use customized wall art by printing your favorite photo or scenery on a canvas.

However, you can also fill up a wall strip or a small area with favorite objects such as starfishes, giant oyster shells, or some decorative pieces. It will create a gallery effect and change the ambiance of the place.

Oversized Mirrors

 by Matthew Thomas Architecture

 A mirror is the key part of a vanity room. Have you thought of using it as a design element? In fact, mirrors are flexible accessories that can be used to complement a range of styles – from contemporary to Mediterranean.

Anything oversized catches attention and makes a statement. So, if you have a modern bathroom, go for a large, plain mirror slab, as it will add to the sleek, minimal look of the place with its understated style. On the contrary, a gorgeous, oversized mirror with an eye-catching frame will be the perfect choice for a Mediterranean-style bathroom.

 Bring New Accessories

 by Clark Gaynor Interiors

 Bringing some new accessories will complement all the change of style and décor elements. They will also add personality to the room and give it a finished look after a series of updates.

You can add a rattan wastebasket and change the old soap pump and tissue holder with new ones. A candle or room diffuser will fill up the room with a sweet smell and refresh you every time you enter the bathroom. Besides, a small pot with green plants or orchids will bring fresh energy to the place along with being a delight for the eyes.

These quick upgrades will bring immediate changes to your bathroom, and won’t really put a strain on your wallet. You can trim down the cost even more by painting the frame of an old mirror or repurposing a small armoire as the storage cabinet in the bathroom.


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