6 Home-Keeper’s Tips for a Tidy Bedroom


For some people, cleaning up bedrooms can be challenging. However, tidying up your bedroom doesn’t have to be a big hustle. As a matter of fact, this essential exercise can take you only a few minutes to accomplish. You can also keep your bedroom tidy throughout the year by proper daily task planning. In this post, you will learn the latest housekeeper’s tips to keep your bedroom neat and spotless with little effort and maximum results.

Make Your Bed

If you want to be a pro in the art of bedroom tidying, start by spreading your bed as soon as you wake up every morning. Once you have dealt with the bed, the remaining tasks are more comfortable to finish up. Making your bed can be through various easy steps. For example, skip the top sheet to avoid folding it once again. You can also use a minimum amount of pillows to simplify your work. Additionally, make use of only a single blanket – the fewer the items, the lesser tasks you’ll have.

Have Extra Sheets

Having some extra sheets ready is an excellent way to keep your bedroom tidy and clean. On average, it is recommended that you take your sheets to the laundry at least twice per month. After pulling off the dirty sheets, have new and clean replacements ready for your bed. By doing so, it will save you from the worry of having to wash them when you are about to go to bed. Remember, you’ll spend a third of your life between sheets; thus, it’s crucial to have them freshly cleaned all the time.

Keep Your Windows Open

Sunlight is a natural cleanser, and to utilize it, you’ll have to keep your windows open to let some fresh air in. Doing this regularly ensures your room remains always fresh and well-ventilated. Did you know there is a Japanese tradition where people hung their bedding in the sun daily to get rid of germs? Well, you don’t have to go that far — you can achieve the same results by simply opening your windows.

Cleaning Your Mattress

You might think of opting to purchase a newer mattress when your old one gets musty. However, they are damn expensive, and you might not have enough cash to buy a brand new one. To ensure you keep your mattress fresh, use detergent and water. You’ll then need a sponge or soft brush to rub the mattress sides gently. After that, you can use a dry cleaner to blow it dry. Remember, don’t let the mattress be soaked thoroughly in the water. Sprinkle a little baking soda on its surface and leave it a whole day after which you’ll vacuum it off to freshen it.

Perform Weekly Dusting

Keeping the dust on the minimum in your bedroom is crucial in ensuring the environment is safe and healthy to sleep in. You can use a dust rag or wand to clean off the dust from your dressers, closets, windows, and tables. Dusting should be done once or twice every week depending on your schedule.

Get a Coin Dish

Are you the type of person who empties one’s pockets when you get home on the dresser? If so, having a coin dish can be handy in tidying up the place. If you own too many things, consider a bigger jar or a piggy bank to store all your loose change every day.


As you can see, making your bedroom tidy can be as simple as using the steps provided above. There are many other things you can consider, but the ones mentioned above should be sufficient. Consider these six tips to have a de-cluttered bedroom that is tidy and clean.

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