6 Benefits of Using a Home Solar Power System


How do you like the sound of conserving energy and helping the environment? If that sounds appealing, you need to consider implementing solar energy into your home. From solar panels to solar water pumps, there are plenty of ways begin. Before you get started though, you should understand the benefits of going solar below.

#1 – You Will Save Money

It is no secret that solar energy can save you plenty of money. Depending on where you live and  what your average electricity bill looks like, you could be saving more than $1,000 annually. While you’re looking for the best electricity company with the cheapest Texas electricity rates make sure the energy plan you choose is legitimate and trustworthy. Residential installation costs are down approximately 45% since 2010 according to the Solar Energy Industries Assocation.

With this in mind, it only makes sense to switch to solar eventually as it is cheaper than traditional electricity and saves you cash. The average panel lasts 25 years too so replacement won’t be a concern for literally decades. Overall it takes a reasonable investment to get started and most of it you will get back, but we’ll touch on that in a moment.

#2 – Increases Your Home’s Value

There are many characteristics that make a home more attractive in the real estate market. One of them just so happens to be the use of solar power. Potential buyers know that it will save them money and if the system is already installed and running, it’s even more convenient. If selling your home in the future has ever crossed your mind, solar energy can actually serve as an investment.

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory, or NREL for short, concluded that solar homes sell 20% faster and for 17% more. Just like houses with lower property taxes or ones in school zones, solar energy is a serious trait many home buyers are interested in. This means that you can potentially be generating money by switching over to renewable energy.

#3 – Enjoy Incentives

Did you know the government actually gives you incentives for using solar energy? Originally the cap on the Federal Solar Tax Credit in the US was $2,000 but this was lifted in 2009. Now you will earn 30% of your total solar system costs back. Add on rebates and you could be getting back more than half of your spending on equipment and installation.

In Canada, there are similar financial incentive and regulatory programs that support solar power. These incentives can heavily reduce the costs of getting a solar system up and running.

#4 – Help the Environment

Green home improvement trends are affecting everything from roofs to walls to ceilings.  The use of rapidly renewable materials like bamboo hardwood flooring and recycled decking materials is experiencing an explosion in growth.

One of the most important benefits of using solar energy is that it helps save the planet. In the United States, 37% of C02 emissions are caused by electricity that power homes and businesses. C02 is a greenhouse gas that has been proven to damage the atmosphere and environment.

By opting for solar energy, you harness the power of the sun which doesn’t create a carbon footprint. You might think that one home won’t make much of a difference but over a long period of time it will offset a large amount of C02. It has been proven to reduce 96% to 98% less greenhouse gases by the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands.

Ultimately you can be proud knowing that you are not contributing to the damage of the atmosphere or earth.

#5 – Energy you can Count on

Solar power is a renewable energy. Since we won’t be running out of the sun any time soon, you can count on solar energy for a lifetime. Wind, water, geothermal and other renewable energies are the exact same. Standard fossil fuels and forms of energy take from the environment and can eventually be exhausted. You can have the peace of mind knowing you don’t have to worry about any of that.

As well, homes on the electricity grid are at mercy of market, supply and economical fluctuations. If the costs go up, you have no choice but to spend more money out of your pocket. With solar, we have much more security.

#6- It’s Easy to get Started

A common concern when considering using solar power is how to get started. Not too long ago, the process used to be more difficult and costly. Nowadays with so many solar related businesses, you can get a solar system up in a single day. Everything from installation to consulting can be done to make the process as easy as possible for you.

These companies will help you decide what is the best choice for your needs along with recommendations. After that, a team of professionals will install the system and test it for quality assurance.

Don’t worry about maintenance either because solar panels require very little attention. Over time, it’s only natural for dirt and debris to collect on them. You’ll be looking at a single yearly inspection and cleaning to keep it in tip top shape. While you can do it yourself if you prefer, hiring professional cleaners can assure the best results. There are even systems that can be programmed to regularly wash the panels.

Putting it together

The proof is in the pudding. Investing into a solar power system for your home has endless benefits. With decreasing costs and government incentives, you will earn back upwards to half of what you spend getting started. Beginning has never been easier either with more businesses being able to handle installation and more. To know if solar power is right for your situation, ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I have high enough energy bills that would make using solar energy beneficial?
  • Is my roof in good enough condition to securely install solar panels?
  • Is my roof made out of Spanish tiles or shake which are difficult to do installation on?
  • What are my rights regarding solar energy? Am I in a state that forbids use or has restrictions?
  • Would I like just solar panels or other items such as thermal hot water panels or pool heating?


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